Beech Duke 60 for Sale

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Beech A60 Duke 1972Beech A60 "Duke" SaleCalifornia, USA11
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 300,000United Kingdom9
Beech 60 Duke 1968Beech 60 "Duke" AuctionOhio, USA12
Beech 60 Duke 1969Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 69,000?41
Beech 60 Duke 1974Beech 60 "Duke" EU€ 256,000
US$ 343,000
Beech 60 Duke 1974Beech 60 "Duke"
EU€ 270,000
US$ 362,000
Beech 60 Duke 1974Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 109,995New Jersey, USA205
Beech 60 Duke 1978Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 215,000Arizona, USA160
Beech 60 Duke 1980Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 249,500Switzerland222
Beech 60 Duke 1980Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 210,000Switzerland102
Beech 60 Duke 1981Beech 60 "Duke" US$ 299,000Spain32
Beech 60 Duke 1982Beech 60 "Duke" SaleTexas, USA160
Beech 60 1969Beech 60 Sale?46
Beech A60 Duke 1970Beech A60 "Duke"
US$ 69,000France172
Beech A60 Duke 1970Beech A60 "Duke"
US$ 69,000France60
Beech A60 Duke 1972Beech A60 "Duke"
SaleCalifornia, USA60
Beech A60 Duke 1972Beech A60 "Duke" Sale?236
Beech A60 Duke 1973Beech A60 "Duke" US$ 145,000Florida, USA52
Beech A60 Duke 1973Beech A60 "Duke" US$ 180,000?65
Beech A60 Duke 1973Beech A60 "Duke" US$ 155,000?236
Beech A60 Duke 1973Beech A60 "Duke" US$ 139,000?25
Beech A60 1973Beech A60 SaleTennessee, USA30
Beech B60 Duke 1972Beech B60 "Duke"
US$ 175,000California, USA160
Beech B60 Duke 1974Beech B60 "Duke" SaleSouth Carolina, USA189
Beech B60 Duke 1974Beech B60 "Duke"
EU€ 124,995
US$ 167,000
United Kingdom144
Beech B60 Duke 1974Beech B60 "Duke"
US$ 945,000United States201
Beech B60 Duke 1974Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?236
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 90,500Florida, USA135
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 179,000Florida, USA291
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 124,900Ohio, USA60
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 124,900Ohio, USA28
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 199,000Ohio, USA12
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 300,000United Kingdom11
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?105
Beech B60 Duke 1975Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 349,999?41
Beech B60 Duke 1976Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 380,000?5
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" SaleBrazil129
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" SaleBrazil200
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" SaleNew Mexico, USA12
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 185,000
New Mexico, USA76
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 169,000New York, USA60
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" SaleUnited States82
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?198
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" US$ 130,000?31
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke" SaleMassachusetts, USA60
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke"
SaleMissouri, USA60
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?81
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?105
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?236
Beech B60 Duke 1978Beech B60 "Duke" Sale?198