Rans Experimental/Kitbuilt Airplanes for Sale

Rans Experimental/Kitbuilt Piston Airplane Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Rans 2006Rans US$ 65,000Massachusetts, USA33
Rans 2006Rans 
US$ 80,000Minnesota, USA12
Rans Rans SaleKansas, USA224
Rans Rans SaleWisconsin, USA68
Rans Rans SaleWisconsin, USA68
Rans S-4 Coyote I 1996Rans S-4 "Coyote I" US$ 10,000Florida, USA118
Rans S-5 Coyote I Rans S-5 "Coyote I" SaleUnited Kingdom356
Rans S-6 Coyote 1992Rans S-6 "Coyote" UKŁ 8,950
US$ 14,940
United Kingdom22
Rans S-6 Coyote 1994Rans S-6 "Coyote" EU€ 14,000
US$ 19,300
Rans S-6 Coyote Rans S-6 "Coyote" UKŁ 39,000
US$ 65,100
Rans S-6 Coyote Rans S-6 "Coyote" SaleUnited Kingdom361
Rans S-6 Coyote Rans S-6 "Coyote" UKŁ 10,300
US$ 17,100
United Kingdom63
Rans S-6-116 Coyote 1997Rans S-6-116 "Coyote" SaleUnited Kingdom1
Rans S-6-116 Coyote Rans S-6-116 "Coyote" UKŁ 16,000
US$ 26,700
United Kingdom49
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 1994Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" US$ 35,500Pennsylvania, USA48
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 1995Rans S-6ES "Coyote II"
80hp Cargo/Freighter
EU€ 20,000
US$ 27,600
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 1996Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" EU€ 14,300
US$ 19,700
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 1999Rans S-6ES "Coyote II"
UKŁ 19,500
US$ 32,500
United Kingdom265
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2004Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" SaleUnited Kingdom216
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2005Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" US$ 34,407
EU€ 25,000
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2005Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" UKŁ 18,500
US$ 30,800
United Kingdom247
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2006Rans S-6ES "Coyote II"
US$ 47,500Colorado, USA274
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2007Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" EU€ 44,950
US$ 62,000
Rans S-6ES Coyote II 2008Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" UKŁ 10,000
US$ 16,600
United Kingdom4
Rans S-6ES Coyote II Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" US$ 12,000Belgium27
Rans S-6ES Coyote II Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" SaleKansas, USA232
Rans S-6ES Coyote II Rans S-6ES "Coyote II"
CDN$ 48,000
US$ 43,600
Nova Scotia, Canada21
Rans S-6ES Coyote II Rans S-6ES "Coyote II"
80hp Cargo/Freighter
UKŁ 16,500
US$ 27,500
Rans S-6ES Coyote II Rans S-6ES "Coyote II" UKŁ 10,500
US$ 17,500
United Kingdom7
Rans S-6ESD Coyote II 1992Rans S-6ESD "Coyote II" UKŁ 1,500
UKŁ 60
United Kingdom320
Rans S-6ESD Coyote II 1997Rans S-6ESD "Coyote II" UKŁ 7,250
US$ 12,100
United Kingdom261
Rans S-6ESD Coyote II 2004Rans S-6ESD "Coyote II" UKŁ 17,500
US$ 29,200
United Kingdom217
Rans S-6ESD Coyote II Rans S-6ESD "Coyote II" SaleUnited Kingdom35
Rans S-6ESD XL Coyote II Rans S-6ESD XL "Coyote II" UKŁ 7,000
US$ 11,680
United Kingdom22
Rans S-6S Coyote II SuperSix Rans S-6S "Coyote II SuperSix" SaleKansas, USA224
Rans S-7 Courier 2000Rans S-7 "Courier" EU€ 30,000
US$ 41,400
Rans S-7 Courier 2006Rans S-7 "Courier" US$ 55,000?132
Rans S-7LS Courier 2007Rans S-7LS "Courier" US$ 79,500Wisconsin, USA173
Rans S-7LS Courier Rans S-7LS "Courier" SaleKansas, USA224
Rans S-7S Courier 2004Rans S-7S "Courier"
100hp Amphibian
US$ 75,000Michigan, USA5
Rans S-7S Courier 2004Rans S-7S "Courier"
100hp Amphibian
US$ 75,000Michigan, USA20
Rans S-7S Courier 2004Rans S-7S "Courier" US$ 75,000Michigan, USA146
Rans S-7S Courier 2007Rans S-7S "Courier" US$ 56,500Florida, USA173
Rans S-7S Courier 2007Rans S-7S "Courier" US$ 56,500Florida, USA328
Rans S-7S Courier Rans S-7S "Courier" SaleKansas, USA231
Rans S-9 Chaos Rans S-9 "Chaos" US$ 25,000Colorado, USA29
Rans S-9 Chaos Rans S-9 "Chaos" SaleKansas, USA231
Rans S-10 Sakota 2009Rans S-10 "Sakota"
EU€ 26,000
US$ 35,800
Rans S-10 Sakota 2009Rans S-10 "Sakota"
90hp Aerobatic
EU€ 26,000
US$ 35,800
Sale or Rental
Rans S-10 Sakota Rans S-10 "Sakota" SaleKansas, USA230