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1991 Mil MI-8MTV-1 in Russia

  • Price: $4,500,000

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Helicopter Mi-8MTV-1 after overhaul of 2017 for sale

  • Make: Mil
  • Country: Russia
  • Model: MI-8MTV-1
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1991
  • City/Airport: Tumen
  • Serial No: 95627
  • Flight Time: 4036 hours


Two helicopters Mi-8MTV-1 after overhaul of 2017 for sale.
Basic delivery terms offer delivery on FCA basis, Tyumen, Russia. However worldwide delivery can be agreed on additional price.
Complete helicopter overhaul in full accordance with Overhaul Documentation issued by Mil (designer of the helicopters). Mil specialists supervise overhaul process on the MRO plant.2000fh, 8 years for TBO for each helicopter. And more than 13500 fh of Service Life left for each helicopter, which can be also individually extended when this limit is reached.

Engine Left: TV3-117, after overhaul
Engine Right: TV3-117, after overhaul

Mi- Mi- 8MTV, the multipurpose middle sized double turbine engine helicopter, has been designed by the Design Beaurau of M L Mille. It is an improved version of helicopter Mi-8T that has been manufactured and commercially available since 1965.

The three important innovations used in the design of the Mi- 8MTV aim not only to improve the aircraft’s performance characteristics, but to expand the areas and terrains of usage and conditions the helicopter can operate in as well. These three improvements are:

The Mi- 8MTV is equipped with more powerful engines TB3-117MT. The maximum power of each engine is 2225 hp, which allows take-off and landing at sites located at an altitude of 1700 metres or more above sea level. The extra reserve of power provides the all-important levels of flight safety and reliability in the event of failure of one of the engines.
The Auxilliary Unit AI – 9B is an important feature of the new modification. The unit can restart the main engines using compressed air. The power unit AI – 9B also can be used as an electrical power source when checking out the equipment when the helicopter is stationary. The Unit AI –9B can act as a power supply for the helicopter in flight conditions for 30 minutes if a failure of the main source of electrical power occurs.
The third principal and important innovation of helicopter Mi-8MT is the system of power supply. Main system of power supply of the helicopter Mi-8MT is the AC system. DC current is received through the rectifiers.
Mi – 8MTВ -1 is the next modification of the helicopter Mi- 8MT. It has installed high-altitude engines TV3-117VM that improves the lifting capacity of the helicopter in the mountainous terrain and at high or very low air temperatures (from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius).

Mi – 8MTV – 1 is used in the following modifications:

The cargo helicopter –with load capacity up to 4,000 kg of various kinds of cargo either in the fuselage of the cabin or on an external sling.

The passenger version can carry up to 26 passengers. It is designed with the idea to ensure passengers’ in-flight comfort and safety. The low level of noise and vibration, the almost noiseless climate-control systems of the cabin provides a comfortable and enjoyable in-flight environment. The emergency exits meet the latest safety standards for passenger transportation.

If used as a flying hospital the Mi-8MTV can accommodate up to 12 injured patients on stretchers plus 1 medic plus all the necessary equipment to save lives. The interior of this modification can be disinfected quickly to very high medical standards to avoid spreading infections.

The search and rescue modification of the Mi8MTV is fitted with special equipment including searchlights, winches, speakers and radiolocation systems and it can be used in all weather conditions (from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius).

The fire-fighting modification is using a suspended device type VSU -5 (or «Bambi-basket» with a capacity of 2500-3000 litres) and can target the fire affected areas with very high accuracy.


The helicopters are equipped with basic analogue navigation equipment (autopilot, ADFs etc.). Helicopters can be fitted with any requested navigation equipment allowed on Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters for additional price.

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