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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 119,650Florida, USA103
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 119,650Florida, USA159
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 77,900North Carolina, USA33
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 79,900North Carolina, USA94
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 127,900Florida, USA159
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 96,900Florida, USA6
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 96,900Florida, USA50
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 96,900Florida, USA49
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 127,900Florida, USA99
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 96,900United States4
Remos G3 Aviator II 2008Remos G3 "Aviator II" US$ 75,000Arizona, USA159
SC Aerostar R40F Festival 2006SC Aerostar R40F "Festival" EU€ 27,400
US$ 33,500
South Carolina, USA29
Skystar Aircraft XL Kitfox 1997Skystar Aircraft XL "Kitfox" US$ 18,500Florida, USA18
Skystar Aircraft Mk 1 Kitfox 2010Skystar Aircraft Mk 1 "Kitfox" US$ 70,000California, USA236
Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 Kitfox 1991Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 "Kitfox" US$ 15,000United States80
Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 Kitfox 1992Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 "Kitfox" SaleKentucky, USA159
Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 Kitfox 2007Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 "Kitfox" US$ 36,000Pennsylvania, USA76
Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 Kitfox Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 "Kitfox" US$ 12,500Maryland, USA21
Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 Kitfox Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 "Kitfox" US$ 16,500Michigan, USA81
Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 Kitfox Skystar Aircraft Mk 3 "Kitfox" US$ 7,500Minnesota, USA39
Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 Kitfox Classic Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 "Kitfox Classic" SaleIllinois, USA49
Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 Kitfox Classic Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 "Kitfox Classic" SaleIllinois, USA48
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox" SaleTennessee, USA3
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox" US$ 35,000Texas, USA27
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Vixen 2001Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox Vixen"
US$ 31,900California, USA49
Skystar Aircraft S6 Kitfox Vixen Skystar Aircraft S6 "Kitfox Vixen" US$ 37,000Texas, USA11
Slipstream Industries Genesis 1997Slipstream Industries "Genesis" CDN$ 35,000
US$ 30,200
Ontario, Canada267
Slipstream Industries Genesis 2001Slipstream Industries "Genesis" US$ 39,500Florida, USA159
Slipstream Industries Genesis 2009Slipstream Industries "Genesis" US$ 21,000Florida, USA159
Snowbird Bushmaster II 1998Snowbird "Bushmaster II" US$ 16,000Florida, USA35
Sorrell Aircraft SNS 7 Hiperbipe 1977Sorrell Aircraft SNS 7 "Hiperbipe" US$ 45,500Colorado, USA159
T.E.A.M. 1650-R Eros 2003T.E.A.M. 1650-R "Eros" US$ 15,000Pennsylvania, USA159
Teman Aircraft Mini-Breeze 2009Teman Aircraft "Mini-Breeze" SaleWashington, USA159
Titan T-51 Mustang Titan T-51 "Mustang" US$ 110,000California, USA39
Titan T-51 Mustang Titan T-51 "Mustang" US$ 110,000California, USA38
TL-Ultralight Sting 2006TL-Ultralight "Sting" US$ 64,900Kentucky, USA25
Tomark Aero SD-4 Viper 2010Tomark Aero SD-4 "Viper" EU€ 63,000
US$ 77,200
Oklahoma, USA6
X-Air Hawk 2008X-Air "Hawk" CDN$ 19,900
US$ 17,100
Nova Scotia, Canada9
X-Air 582 2004X-Air 582 EU€ 7,400
US$ 9,070
Illinois, USA103
Zenair Zipper Zenair "Zipper"
CDN$ 2,950
US$ 2,540
Québec, Canada8