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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 89,900North Carolina, USA16
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 89,900North Carolina, USA48
Remos GX 2008Remos GX
US$ 83,900North Carolina, USA16
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 72,500Tennessee, USA9
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 89,500Tennessee, USA57
Remos GX 2008Remos GX US$ 85,000Wisconsin, USA85
Remos GX 2010Remos GX US$ 127,900Florida, USA14
Remos G3 Aviator II 2008Remos G3 "Aviator II" US$ 75,000Arizona, USA14
Remos G3 2007Remos G3
US$ 74,950Florida, USA62
SC Aerostar R40F Festival 2006SC Aerostar R40F "Festival" EU€ 28,900
US$ 38,700
South Carolina, USA16
Skystar Aircraft Mk 1 Kitfox 2010Skystar Aircraft Mk 1 "Kitfox" US$ 70,000California, USA91
Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 Kitfox 1992Skystar Aircraft Mk 2 "Kitfox" SaleKentucky, USA14
Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 Kitfox 1994Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 "Kitfox" US$ 9,000United States14
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox 2011Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox" US$ 35,900Virginia, USA16
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Outback Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox Outback"
US$ 39,900Tennessee, USA114
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Safari 2011Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox Safari"
US$ 35,900Virginia, USA19
Skystar Aircraft S5 Kitfox Vixen 2001Skystar Aircraft S5 "Kitfox Vixen"
US$ 31,900California, USA55
Skystar Aircraft S6 Kitfox Vixen 2001Skystar Aircraft S6 "Kitfox Vixen" US$ 35,000United States82
Slipstream Industries Genesis 1997Slipstream Industries "Genesis" CDN$ 35,000
US$ 32,200
Ontario, Canada122
Slipstream Industries Genesis 2001Slipstream Industries "Genesis" US$ 39,500Florida, USA14
Slipstream Industries Genesis 2009Slipstream Industries "Genesis" US$ 21,000Florida, USA14
Sorrell Aircraft SNS 7 Hiperbipe 1977Sorrell Aircraft SNS 7 "Hiperbipe" US$ 45,500Colorado, USA14
T.E.A.M. Tandem AirBike T.E.A.M. "Tandem AirBike" US$ 11,500Pennsylvania, USA12
T.E.A.M. 1650-R Eros 2003T.E.A.M. 1650-R "Eros" US$ 15,000Pennsylvania, USA14
Teman Aircraft Mini-Breeze 2009Teman Aircraft "Mini-Breeze" SaleWashington, USA14
Teman Aircraft Mini-Breeze Teman Aircraft "Mini-Breeze" US$ 6,000Illinois, USA72
Titan T-51 Mustang 2005Titan T-51 "Mustang" US$ 143,000North Carolina, USA78
Titan T-51 Mustang 2008Titan T-51 "Mustang" US$ 135,000Ohio, USA30