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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Thunder & Colt 42 42 x 48 Basket 1992Thunder & Colt 42 "42 x 48 Basket" US$ 2,000New Mexico, USA11
Adams A55S 1986Adams A55S US$ 12,500Oregon, USA275
Aerostar Int. Aurora 54k 1992Aerostar Int. "Aurora 54k" US$ 6,500Florida, USA67
Aerostar Int. Aurora 54k 1994Aerostar Int. "Aurora 54k" US$ 6,100Wisconsin, USA351
Aerostar Int. Aurora 54k Aerostar Int. "Aurora 54k" US$ 5,900Wisconsin, USA26
Aerostar Int. Aurora 69k 1999Aerostar Int. "Aurora 69k" US$ 19,700Minnesota, USA359
Aerostar Int. Classic Basket Aerostar Int. "Classic Basket" US$ 3,500Ohio, USA23
Aerostar Int. Classic Limited Basket 1988Aerostar Int. "Classic Limited Basket" US$ 2,500Oklahoma, USA32
Aerostar Int. Classic Limited Basket 1995Aerostar Int. "Classic Limited Basket" US$ 58,922Minnesota, USA359
Aerostar Int. Classic Limited Basket Aerostar Int. "Classic Limited Basket" US$ 2,400Georgia, USA220
Aerostar Int. Classic Limited Stretch Basket Aerostar Int. "Classic Limited Stretch Basket" US$ 12,950Kentucky, USA305
Aerostar Int. Rally 90k 1995Aerostar Int. "Rally 90k" US$ 7,995New Mexico, USA67
Aerostar Int. RWS Basket 1986Aerostar Int. "RWS Basket" SaleNew Jersey, USA231
Aerostar Int. RWS Basket 1986Aerostar Int. "RWS Basket" SaleNew Jersey, USA83
Aerostar Int. RWS Basket 1994Aerostar Int. "RWS Basket" US$ 11,400South Dakota, USA88
Aerostar Int. Special Shape 1994Aerostar Int. "Special Shape" US$ 18,000Oregon, USA232
Aerostar Int. Special Shape 1996Aerostar Int. "Special Shape" US$ 30,000Colorado, USA127
Aerostar Int. Special Shape 2004Aerostar Int. "Special Shape" US$ 45,000New York, USA250
Aerostar Int. RX-7 Basket 1984Aerostar Int. RX-7 "Basket" US$ 4,750California, USA3
Aerostar Int. RX-7 Rally 1986Aerostar Int. RX-7 "Rally" US$ 1,900New Jersey, USA231
Aerostar Int. RX-7 Rally 1986Aerostar Int. RX-7 "Rally"
Price Reduced!
US$ 1,000New Jersey, USA32
Aerostar Int. RX-7 1995Aerostar Int. RX-7 US$ 23,500Maryland, USA50
Aerostar Int. RX-8 Rally 90k 1999Aerostar Int. RX-8 "Rally 90k" US$ 11,500New York, USA118
Aerostar Int. RX-8S 105 System 2001Aerostar Int. RX-8S "105 System" US$ 7,250New Jersey, USA56
Aerostar Int. S-55A Raven AX-7 1982Aerostar Int. S-55A "Raven AX-7" US$ 4,500Florida, USA5
Aerostar Int. S-60A 105 System 1991Aerostar Int. S-60A "105 System" US$ 15,000Florida, USA101
Aerostar Int. 175,000 cu ft Classic Basket 2013Aerostar Int. 175,000 cu ft "Classic Basket"
US$ 250,000Colorado, USA8
Cameron Balloons 42 x 50 Basket 1987Cameron Balloons "42 x 50 Basket" US$ 7,000Idaho, USA70
Cameron Balloons 42 x 50 Basket 1992Cameron Balloons "42 x 50 Basket" US$ 9,500Idaho, USA284
Cameron Balloons 42 x 50 Basket Cameron Balloons "42 x 50 Basket" US$ 2,750Florida, USA146
Cameron Balloons Concept 1996Cameron Balloons "Concept" US$ 5,300New Mexico, USA43
Cameron Balloons Envelope 1992Cameron Balloons "Envelope" US$ 5,000Pennsylvania, USA37
Cameron Balloons Envelope 2011Cameron Balloons "Envelope" US$ 8,000Arizona, USA1
Cameron Balloons Envelope Cameron Balloons "Envelope" US$ 11,500New Mexico, USA16
Cameron Balloons Single T Basket 1992Cameron Balloons "Single T Basket" US$ 12,600Indiana, USA13
Cameron Balloons Sport Basket Cameron Balloons "Sport Basket" US$ 4,200Michigan, USA22
Cameron Balloons Viva 77 1988Cameron Balloons "Viva 77" US$ 8,500Michigan, USA296
Cameron Balloons N-65 Envelope 1996Cameron Balloons N-65 "Envelope" US$ 14,500California, USA249
Cameron Balloons N-77 Envelope 1989Cameron Balloons N-77 "Envelope" US$ 3,000Michigan, USA254
Cameron Balloons Z-90 Envelope 2004Cameron Balloons Z-90 "Envelope" US$ 7,000Florida, USA156
Cameron Balloons N-105 Aristocrat 1993Cameron Balloons N-105 "Aristocrat" US$ 6,500Texas, USA92
Cameron Balloons O-105 Complete System 2013Cameron Balloons O-105 "Complete System" US$ 38,995New Mexico, USA118
Cameron Balloons A 140 48 x 72 Basket 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "48 x 72 Basket"
Price Reduced!
US$ 50,995Minnesota, USA17
Cameron Balloons A 140 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "Envelope"
Price Reduced!
US$ 36,275New Mexico, USA13
Cameron Balloons A 140 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "Envelope"
Price Reduced!
US$ 28,995New Mexico, USA43
Cameron Balloons A 140 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "Envelope"
Price Reduced!
US$ 42,995New Mexico, USA16
Cameron Balloons A-210 Complete System 2013Cameron Balloons A-210 "Complete System" US$ 64,999Arizona, USA127
Galaxy Balloons 7 (77,000 cu.ft.) Basket 1987Galaxy Balloons 7 (77,000 cu.ft.) "Basket" SaleCalifornia, USA146
Head Balloons AX7-77 1997Head Balloons AX7-77 US$ 9,500New Hampshire, USA22
Head Balloons AX7-77 1997Head Balloons AX7-77 US$ 4,000New Mexico, USA146