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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Lancair IV ES 2007Lancair IV "ES" US$ 199,000California, USA124
Lancair IV 1995Lancair IV
US$ 215,000Mississippi, USA13
Lancair IV 1999Lancair IV US$ 199,000Florida, USA13
Lancair IV 2007Lancair IV
US$ 199,000California, USA124
Lancair IV 2013Lancair IV US$ 165,000United States21
Lancair IV 2013Lancair IV
US$ 165,000Wisconsin, USA118
Lancair IV Lancair IV
US$ 115,000Texas, USA14
Lancair IV Lancair IV US$ 165,000Wisconsin, USA76
Lancair IV-P 1997Lancair IV-P
Price Reduced!
US$ 235,000Iowa, USA13
Lancair IV-P 1999Lancair IV-P US$ 299,000Illinois, USA13
Lancair IV-P 1999Lancair IV-P US$ 299,000Illinois, USA88
Lancair IV-P 2000Lancair IV-P
Price Reduced!
US$ 235,000Texas, USA84
Lancair ES 1997Lancair "ES" US$ 159,000Texas, USA13
Lancair ES 2006Lancair "ES" US$ 235,000Colorado, USA181
Lancair ES 2007Lancair "ES"
US$ 199,000Wisconsin, USA13
Lancair ES 2007Lancair "ES"
US$ 199,900Wisconsin, USA13
Lancair ES-P 2006Lancair "ES-P"
400hp Cargo/Freighter
US$ 454,900Ohio, USA126
Lancair ES-P 2006Lancair "ES-P"
400hp Cargo/Freighter
US$ 449,000
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Ohio, USA181
Lancair ES-P 2008Lancair "ES-P" US$ 359,000Texas, USA13
Lancair Legacy 2002Lancair "Legacy" US$ 195,000New Mexico, USA47
Lancair Legacy 2007Lancair "Legacy" US$ 185,000Ohio, USA63
Lancair Legacy 2007Lancair "Legacy" US$ 185,000Ohio, USA65
Lancair Legacy Lancair "Legacy" US$ 199,000California, USA37
Lancair Legacy Lancair "Legacy" US$ 75,000California, USA58
Lancair Super ES 2007Lancair "Super ES" US$ 199,000Wisconsin, USA82
Lancair Super ES Lancair "Super ES" US$ 275,800California, USA47
Lancair IV-P 2001Lancair IV-P US$ 389,500Idaho, USA13
Lancair IV-P 2003Lancair IV-P
US$ 250,000Illinois, USA13
Lancair IV-P 2006Lancair IV-P US$ 273,000Illinois, USA71
Lancair Super ES 2004Lancair "Super ES" US$ 249,900Texas, USA41
Lancair Super ES 2004Lancair "Super ES" US$ 249,900Texas, USA40
Lancair Super ES 2007Lancair "Super ES"
US$ 199,900Illinois, USA37
Lancair Super ES 2007Lancair "Super ES" US$ 199,900Wisconsin, USA36
Lancair Super ES 2007Lancair "Super ES" US$ 199,000Wisconsin, USA83
Lancair Super ES 2009Lancair "Super ES" US$ 275,800California, USA44
Lancair IV-P 2003Lancair IV-P
US$ 340,000Illinois, USA13
Lancair IV-P 2003Lancair IV-P US$ 340,000Illinois, USA88
Lancair IV-P 2003Lancair IV-P
US$ 250,000Illinois, USA88
Lancair IV-P 2004Lancair IV-P US$ 320,000Ohio, USA28
Lancair IV-P 2008Lancair IV-P US$ 399,000Florida, USA7
Lancair IV-P 2008Lancair IV-P US$ 399,000United States6
Lancair IV-P Lancair IV-P US$ 350,000Illinois, USA12
Lancair IV-P Lancair IV-P
Price Reduced!
US$ 273,000Illinois, USA72
Lancair IV-P Lancair IV-P US$ 235,000United States64
Lancair IV-P Turbine 2006Lancair IV-P Turbine
US$ 500,000Illinois, USA6
Lancair IV-P Turbine 2006Lancair IV-P Turbine US$ 500,000Illinois, USA88
Lancair IV-P Turbine 2007Lancair IV-P Turbine
SaleFlorida, USA181
Lancair IV-P Turbine 2009Lancair IV-P Turbine US$ 750,000Missouri, USA105
Lancair 320 1991Lancair 320 US$ 72,000United States181
Lancair 320 1994Lancair 320 US$ 12,500California, USA51