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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Vans RV-3 1991Vans RV-3 US$ 22,500Missouri, USA117
Vans RV-3 1994Vans RV-3 US$ 37,500California, USA29
Vans RV-4 1990Vans RV-4 US$ 54,000Oregon, USA51
Vans RV-4 1992Vans RV-4 US$ 50,000Texas, USA9
Vans RV-4 1994Vans RV-4 US$ 48,000Utah, USA65
Vans RV-4 2005Vans RV-4 US$ 48,000Texas, USA73
Vans RV-4 2007Vans RV-4 US$ 67,000California, USA1
Vans RV-4 2007Vans RV-4
180hp Price Reduced!
US$ 67,000California, USA1
Vans RV-4 2007Vans RV-4 US$ 69,000California, USA14
Vans RV-6 1994Vans RV-6 US$ 39,500Illinois, USA59
Vans RV-6 1995Vans RV-6 US$ 64,900California, USA46
Vans RV-6 1996Vans RV-6 US$ 69,000North Carolina, USA87
Vans RV-6 1998Vans RV-6 US$ 63,000Virginia, USA22
Vans RV-6 1999Vans RV-6 US$ 50,000Michigan, USA37
Vans RV-6 1999Vans RV-6 US$ 57,900Texas, USA22
Vans RV-6 1999Vans RV-6 US$ 57,900Texas, USA24
Vans RV-6 2000Vans RV-6 US$ 68,000Pennsylvania, USA30
Vans RV-6 2000Vans RV-6 US$ 59,000Utah, USA16
Vans RV-6 2000Vans RV-6 US$ 59,000Utah, USA77
Vans RV-6 2000Vans RV-6 US$ 59,000Utah, USA49
Vans RV-6 2002Vans RV-6 US$ 74,000California, USA74
Vans RV-6 2002Vans RV-6 US$ 55,000Pennsylvania, USA77
Vans RV-6 2002Vans RV-6
US$ 55,000Pennsylvania, USA4
Vans RV-6 2004Vans RV-6 US$ 64,950Kansas, USA24
Vans RV-6 2004Vans RV-6 US$ 64,950Kansas, USA58
Vans RV-6 2008Vans RV-6
US$ 89,900Florida, USA57
Vans RV-6 Vans RV-6 US$ 7,500Montana, USA30
Vans RV-6 Vans RV-6 US$ 48,500United States31
Vans RV-6 Vans RV-6 US$ 48,500United States22
Vans RV-6A 1989Vans RV-6A
US$ 33,000West Virginia, USA9
Vans RV-6A 1997Vans RV-6A US$ 57,500Florida, USA9
Vans RV-6A 2002Vans RV-6A US$ 72,500Texas, USA9
Vans RV-6A 2005Vans RV-6A US$ 69,000California, USA9
Vans RV-6A 2009Vans RV-6A US$ 65,000South Carolina, USA9
Vans RV-7 2011Vans RV-7 US$ 109,000New Hampshire, USA109
Vans RV-7 2011Vans RV-7 US$ 109,000New Hampshire, USA57
Vans RV-7A 2003Vans RV-7A US$ 89,000California, USA58
Vans RV-7A 2003Vans RV-7A US$ 79,999California, USA23
Vans RV-7A 2004Vans RV-7A US$ 92,500United States15
Vans RV-7A 2004Vans RV-7A US$ 90,000United States30
Vans RV-7A 2004Vans RV-7A US$ 90,000United States22
Vans RV-7A 2006Vans RV-7A US$ 75,000Indiana, USA33
Vans RV-7A 2006Vans RV-7A US$ 89,500Pennsylvania, USA2
Vans RV-7A 2006Vans RV-7A US$ 92,500Pennsylvania, USA7
Vans RV-7A 2008Vans RV-7A US$ 85,000New York, USA22
Vans RV-7A 2012Vans RV-7A US$ 7,000Maine, USA74
Vans RV-7A 2012Vans RV-7A US$ 7,000Maine, USA22
Vans RV-8 2003Vans RV-8 US$ 78,900Georgia, USA59
Vans RV-8 2005Vans RV-8 US$ 85,000Washington, USA117
Vans RV-8 2006Vans RV-8 US$ 69,500Florida, USA9