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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar 2012Stoddard-Hamilton "Glastar" US$ 47,950Arizona, USA1
PZL/Bielsko M26 Airwolf 1996PZL/Bielsko M26 "Airwolf" US$ 149,900United States2
Pietenpol Aircamper 2007Pietenpol "Aircamper" SaleLouisiana, USA5
Vans RV-6 2002Vans RV-6 US$ 65,000California, USA21
Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 1993Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 SaleUnited States32
Stearman A75 1943Stearman A75 US$ 139,000Pennsylvania, USA34
Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser 1947Piper PA-12 "Super Cruiser" US$ 59,500United States9
Grumman AA1A 1972Grumman AA1A US$ 24,000Texas, USA3
Aerocar Int. Taylor Aerocar I 1954Aerocar Int. "Taylor Aerocar I" US$ 975,000Illinois, USA35
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 31,500Florida, USA78
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 23,000Illinois, USA2
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 27,500Michigan, USA77
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,000Michigan, USA51
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 27,500Michigan, USA54
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" SaleMinnesota, USA56
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" SaleMinnesota, USA30
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 35,000New York, USA54
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 35,000New York, USA92
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 47,000Tennessee, USA28
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 25,500United States33
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA1
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA63
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA58
Aeronca Chief 1939Aeronca "Chief"
65hp Project
US$ 22,800Michigan, USA131
Aeronca Chief Aeronca "Chief" SaleNevada, USA83
Aeronca Chief Aeronca "Chief" SaleNevada, USA83
Aeronca Scout 1947Aeronca "Scout" US$ 22,000South Carolina, USA85
Aeronca Aeronca SaleFlorida, USA35
Aeronca Aeronca SalePuerto Rico, USA1
Aeronca Aeronca SalePuerto Rico, USA7
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 25,900Ohio, USA302
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 29,000Texas, USA44
Aeronca 11AC Chief 1946Aeronca 11AC "Chief" US$ 20,000Ohio, USA28
Aeronca 11AC Chief 1947Aeronca 11AC "Chief" US$ 27,000Pennsylvania, USA35
Aeronca 15AC Sedan 1949Aeronca 15AC "Sedan" US$ 50,000Michigan, USA68
Aeronca 15AC Sedan 1949Aeronca 15AC "Sedan" US$ 50,000Michigan, USA71
Aeronca 15AC Sedan 1950Aeronca 15AC "Sedan" US$ 33,000United States55
Aeronca 65CA Chief 1939Aeronca 65CA "Chief" US$ 22,000California, USA35
Aeronca 65CA Chief 1940Aeronca 65CA "Chief"
US$ 19,500Oregon, USA35
Alon A2 Aircoupe 1966Alon A2 "Aircoupe" US$ 17,000Oklahoma, USA63
Alon A2-A Aircoupe 1968Alon A2-A "Aircoupe" US$ 18,500California, USA6
American Champion 7GCAA Citabria Adventurer 2010American Champion 7GCAA "Citabria Adventurer"
160hp Aerobatic
SaleKentucky, USA36
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 1999American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer"
US$ 89,500South Dakota, USA35
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2001American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" US$ 110,000California, USA85
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2004American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" US$ 98,000Michigan, USA37
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2004American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" US$ 98,000Michigan, USA29
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2013American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer"
160hp Amphibian
SaleKentucky, USA42
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2013American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" SaleKentucky, USA41
American Champion 8GCBC Scout 2001American Champion 8GCBC "Scout"
SaleMinnesota, USA22
American Champion 8GCBC Scout 2003American Champion 8GCBC "Scout" US$ 125,000California, USA51