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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Sukhoi Su-31 1995Sukhoi Su-31 SaleDelaware, USA12
EAA Biplane 2003EAA "Biplane" SaleUnited States12
Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser 1947Piper PA-12 "Super Cruiser" US$ 59,500United States12
PZL/Warszawa-Okecie Koliber 150A 1994PZL/Warszawa-Okecie "Koliber 150A" US$ 49,500Florida, USA89
Custom Flight North Star 2004Custom Flight "North Star" US$ 89,500Florida, USA89
Engineering & Research Corp. 415-C Ercoupe 1946Engineering & Research Corp. 415-C "Ercoupe" US$ 19,900Florida, USA89
Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 1993Extra Flugzeugbau EA-300 SaleUnited States12
Yakovlev YAK-52 1996Yakovlev YAK-52 US$ 79,500Florida, USA89
Grumman AA1A 1972Grumman AA1A
US$ 23,950Florida, USA89
Aerocar Int. Taylor Aerocar I 1954Aerocar Int. "Taylor Aerocar I" US$ 975,000Illinois, USA156
Aeronca Champion 1936Aeronca "Champion"
SaleMississippi, USA30
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 25,000Missouri, USA78
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 27,500United States71
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 22,000Wisconsin, USA86
Aeronca Chief 1941Aeronca "Chief"
US$ 20,000Arkansas, USA31
Aeronca Chief 1946Aeronca "Chief" US$ 13,500California, USA35
Aeronca Chief 1946Aeronca "Chief" US$ 13,500California, USA36
Aeronca Sedan 1947Aeronca "Sedan" US$ 49,500Minnesota, USA22
Aeronca 1947Aeronca SalePennsylvania, USA3
Aeronca Aeronca SaleFlorida, USA116
Aeronca Aeronca US$ 26,500Missouri, USA45
Aeronca Aeronca US$ 26,500Missouri, USA50
Aeronca Aeronca US$ 26,500Missouri, USA49
Aeronca Aeronca SalePuerto Rico, USA116
Aeronca Aeronca SaleUnited States55
Aeronca Aeronca SaleUnited States51
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 33,500Maine, USA49
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 28,000Michigan, USA73
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 39,000New York, USA36
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 39,000New York, USA37
Aeronca 7AC Champion 1946Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 24,900United States1
Aeronca 7AC Champion Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 37,900Alabama, USA14
Aeronca 7AC Champion Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 19,500Wisconsin, USA46
Aeronca 7AC Champion Aeronca 7AC "Champion" US$ 19,500Wisconsin, USA45
Aeronca 7AC/L-16 1947Aeronca 7AC/L-16 SalePennsylvania, USA58
Aeronca 11AC Chief 1946Aeronca 11AC "Chief" US$ 16,000Kentucky, USA3
Aeronca 11AC Chief 1947Aeronca 11AC "Chief" US$ 27,000Pennsylvania, USA156
Aeronca 11CC Super Chief Aeronca 11CC "Super Chief" US$ 25,000South Dakota, USA15
Aeronca 15AC Sedan 1948Aeronca 15AC "Sedan" US$ 54,900Minnesota, USA91
Aeronca 65CA Chief 1939Aeronca 65CA "Chief" US$ 22,000California, USA156
Aeronca 65CA Chief 1940Aeronca 65CA "Chief"
US$ 19,500Oregon, USA156
Aeronca 65TC Chief 1939Aeronca 65TC "Chief" US$ 18,900Georgia, USA46
Alon A2 Aircoupe 1965Alon A2 "Aircoupe" US$ 20,995United States86
Alon A2 Aircoupe 1965Alon A2 "Aircoupe" US$ 23,950United States87
Alon A2 Aircoupe 1965Alon A2 "Aircoupe" US$ 20,995Virginia, USA80
American Champion Citabria Aurora 1998American Champion "Citabria Aurora" US$ 16,000Wisconsin, USA15
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 1998American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" SaleFlorida, USA24
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 1999American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer"
US$ 89,500South Dakota, USA156
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2013American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer" SaleKentucky, USA71
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer 2013American Champion 7GCBC "Citabria Explorer"
160hp Amphibian
SaleKentucky, USA163