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Aerostar Piston Airplane Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Aerostar 700P 1976Aerostar "700P" US$ 125,000Mississippi, USA50
Aerostar 702P 1982Aerostar "702P" US$ 480,000Michigan, USA176
Aerostar Machen Superstar 1984Aerostar "Machen Superstar" SaleOhio, USA59
Aerostar Machen Superstar II 1980Aerostar "Machen Superstar II"
US$ 69,500Florida, USA3
Aerostar Superstar 1976Aerostar "Superstar" US$ 225,000Colorado, USA71
Aerostar Superstar Aerostar "Superstar"
US$ 49,500New Jersey, USA361
Aerostar Superstar 700 1977Aerostar "Superstar 700" SaleConnecticut, USA83
Aerostar Superstar 700 1979Aerostar "Superstar 700" SaleOklahoma, USA79
Aerostar Superstar 700 1980Aerostar "Superstar 700" US$ 69,500Texas, USA2
Aerostar 600 1969Aerostar 600 US$ 97,000Pennsylvania, USA51
Aerostar 600 1969Aerostar 600 US$ 93,000Pennsylvania, USA16
Aerostar 600 1969Aerostar 600 US$ 93,000Pennsylvania, USA17
Aerostar 600 1969Aerostar 600 US$ 119,000Texas, USA191
Aerostar 600A Machen Superstar 1981Aerostar 600A "Machen Superstar" US$ 229,000Arkansas, USA59
Aerostar 600A 1969Aerostar 600A US$ 97,000Pennsylvania, USA1
Aerostar 600A 1975Aerostar 600A
290hp Price Reduced!
US$ 109,999Maryland, USA1
Aerostar 600A 1977Aerostar 600A US$ 75,000Oklahoma, USA1
Aerostar 600A 1978Aerostar 600A US$ 59,000Ohio, USA10
Aerostar 600A 1978Aerostar 600A US$ 59,000Ohio, USA11
Aerostar 600A 1978Aerostar 600A US$ 49,000Ohio, USA87
Aerostar 600A 1979Aerostar 600A US$ 147,500Alabama, USA109
Aerostar 600A 1979Aerostar 600A
Price Reduced!
US$ 149,900Texas, USA83
Aerostar 600A 1979Aerostar 600A US$ 149,900United States52
Aerostar 601B 1976Aerostar 601B US$ 75,000Alabama, USA139
Aerostar 601B 1977Aerostar 601B US$ 89,000Florida, USA83
Aerostar 601B 1977Aerostar 601B US$ 109,000Tennessee, USA61
Aerostar 601B 1977Aerostar 601B US$ 109,000Tennessee, USA60
Aerostar 601P Machen Superstar 1978Aerostar 601P "Machen Superstar"
US$ 199,500Alabama, USA59
Aerostar 601P Machen Superstar 1978Aerostar 601P "Machen Superstar"
SaleIllinois, USA1
Aerostar 601P Machen Superstar 700 1979Aerostar 601P "Machen Superstar 700"
SaleNorth Carolina, USA313
Aerostar 601P Machen Superstar II 1976Aerostar 601P "Machen Superstar II" US$ 149,000Ohio, USA1
Aerostar 601P Super 700 AeroStar 1978Aerostar 601P "Super 700 AeroStar" US$ 200,000Illinois, USA83
Aerostar 601P Super 700P AeroStar 1979Aerostar 601P "Super 700P AeroStar" US$ 239,000New York, USA1
Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 1976Aerostar 601P "Superstar 700"
US$ 169,900Florida, USA59
Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 1976Aerostar 601P "Superstar 700" US$ 199,000Ohio, USA1
Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 1978Aerostar 601P "Superstar 700" SaleUtah, USA1
Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 1979Aerostar 601P "Superstar 700" US$ 229,000Ohio, USA1
Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 1980Aerostar 601P "Superstar 700" US$ 245,000Alabama, USA109
Aerostar 601P 1976Aerostar 601P US$ 99,700Ohio, USA1
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P
Price Reduced!
US$ 135,200Alabama, USA139
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P
US$ 119,500California, USA1
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P US$ 109,000California, USA48
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P US$ 109,000California, USA94
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P US$ 109,000California, USA46
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P
US$ 129,500California, USA260
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P US$ 129,500Florida, USA176
Aerostar 601P 1977Aerostar 601P SaleWashington, USA121
Aerostar 601P 1978Aerostar 601P SaleIllinois, USA83
Aerostar 601P 1978Aerostar 601P SaleIllinois, USA16
Aerostar 601P 1978Aerostar 601P US$ 188,000Ohio, USA1