Learjet Learjet 25 for Sale

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Learjet 25 1969Learjet 25 Sale?235
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 SaleTexas, USA118
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 Sale?127
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 175,000Florida, USA14
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 295,000Georgia, USA69
Learjet 25B 1975Learjet 25B SaleVirginia, USA14
Learjet 25B 1975Learjet 25B Sale?93
Learjet 25C 1972Learjet 25C US$ 299,000United States69
Learjet 25C 1972Learjet 25C Sale?122
Learjet 25C 1975Learjet 25C US$ 199,000Kansas, USA215
Learjet 25C 1975Learjet 25C SaleKansas, USA13
Learjet 25C 1975Learjet 25C US$ 399,000Kansas, USA15
Learjet 25C 1975Learjet 25C US$ 199,000Kansas, USA14
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA215
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D
US$ 295,000Florida, USA172
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D
US$ 99,000Texas, USA293
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D US$ 99,000Texas, USA260
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D US$ 395,000?162
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D Sale?293
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D
Stage III, Cargo/Freighter
US$ 425,000
Texas, USA109
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D
Stage III, Cargo/Freighter
ShareTexas, USA106
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D
US$ 120,000Texas, USA293
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D SaleTexas, USA20
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D SaleTexas, USA13
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D US$ 325,000?49
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D US$ 125,000?62
Learjet 25D 1979Learjet 25D SaleBrazil13
Learjet 25D 1979Learjet 25D US$ 990,000Brazil69
Learjet 25D 1979Learjet 25D Sale?293
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA64
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA172
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA14
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA30
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA63
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA14
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA162
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleMexico121
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleTennessee, USA153
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D Sale?293
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D Sale?162
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D Sale?62
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D Sale?103
Learjet 25D 1981Learjet 25D SaleTexas, USA14
Learjet 25D 1981Learjet 25D Sale?293
Learjet 25D 1981Learjet 25D Sale?117
Learjet 25D 1981Learjet 25D Sale?293
Learjet 25D 1983Learjet 25D
US$ 280,000Mexico14
Learjet 25D 1983Learjet 25D US$ 280,000Mexico250
Learjet 25D 1983Learjet 25D Sale?230
Learjet 25D 1984Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA30