Where to Source an Aircraft on Lease?


Boeing 767

There are many places you can source an aircraft to lease:

  1. aircraft leasing & management companies
  2. airlines
  3. aircraft operators
  4. dealer/brokers

One obvious place that brings them all together is the Internet, as you can view most of the offerings from these sources here. GPS is one such source, through our own aviation experience, advertised lease listings and a network of aviation specialists, we can provide the expertise you need to make the right choice when it comes to aircraft sourcing.

Aircraft Funding...

Do you require funding for aircraft operating lease / purchase or airline start-up? Please take a look at our Aircraft Funding or Airline Start-up pages.

Aircraft to Lease...

Do you have aircraft available for lease that require additional marketing; we always have airlines looking to acquire aircraft? You can simply advertise your aircraft through GlobalPlaneSearch.com, or contact us directly for further information.