2009 ASI Ultrasport in Netherlands

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Ultrasport 496 helicopter

  • Make: ASI
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Model: Ultrasport
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2009
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Registration No: Deregistered for sale
  • Flight Time: 371 hours
  • Engine Time: 420 hours


The helicopter is in a very good condition and well maintained. Always hangared. Rebuild and upgraded in 2018 to very hight safety levels by adding new computers and system monitoring sensors.
Specifications Ultrasport 496TTurbine
Dual Seat Experimental
Engine 150 Hp T62-T32
Electric Start,
12VDC & 24VDC,Starter Gen
Transmission 11.1Two Stage Xmn ,engine 2.61
Fuel Capacity 75 litres
Endurance 2 Hours
Service Ceiling 10.000
H.I.G.E. 8000
Main Rotor 2 Blade, 23 Ft. Rotor Dia., 6.7 In. Chord, Composite Construction

Tail Rotor 4 Blade, 2.6 Ft. Rotor Dia., 2 In. Chord, Composite Construction

Cabin Length 53 Inches (1,346 mm)
Cabin Width 48 Inches (1,219 mm)
Cabin Height 59 Inches (1,499 mm)
Cruise Speed 70 Knots
Max Speed (VNE) 90 Knots (103 mph) (166 km/h)
Empty Weight 500lbs
Useful Load TBD
Gross Weight 1130 lbs
Width (at Skid Tubes) 7Ft
Height 8 Feet, 0.5 Inches. (2,451 mm)
Length 26 Feet, 9 Inches (8,153 mm)
Length (Blade Folded) 19 Feet, 9 Inches. ( 6,020 mm)


Maintenance according to schedule


MGL avionics


Seats: 2
Luxury leather interior

Exterior Description

Anthracite grey colour.

Additional Features

Turbine engine ECU
Main gearbox temperature monitoring
Main gearbox oil pressure monitoring
Main gearbox oil flow monitoring
Main gearbox chip detector
90º gearbox oil temperature monitoring
90º gearbox temperature monitoring
90º gearbox oil pressure monitoring
90º gearbox oil flow monitoring
Fuel level monitoring
Tail rotor gearbox oil temperature monitoring
Tail rotor gearbox chip detector

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