1997 Bede BD-5B in NRW

BD-5 Kit for sale

  • Make: Bede
  • Country: Germany
  • Model: BD-5B
  • State/Province: NRW
  • Year: 1997
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Flight Time: 0 hours
  • Engine Time: 0 hours


I'm selling a kit of the BD-5 on behalf. It flew already in the USA, but had to be rebuilt for the registration and approval for the German Federal Aviation Administration. There are several spare parts and tools also for sale.

Some short facts:
- Single pilot
- three cylinder two-stroke engine (Goebler-Hirth)
- 74kw/100hp
- Size
4266mm length
6550mm wing span
1840mm hight
- Weight
ZFW 245kg
MTOW 398kg
Payload 150kg
- Cruisespeed 320km/h = 170kt
- Endurance 1000km = 540NM

For details contact me.


Seats: 1