1974 Bell 205A-I in Canada

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1974 Bell 205A-1++ for Sale

  • Make: Bell
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: 205A-I
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1974
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 30167
  • Flight Time: 14108 hours


Utility configured helicopter with BLR Fast Fin & Strake kit


Audio Controller - NAT AMS42
Transponder - Bendix King
FM Transceiver - Technisonic TFM-138B
Blind Encoder
ELT Remote Control Panel - Kannad RC200
Directional Gyro - AIM 200
Attitude Indicator
Dual VHF COMM - Garmin GTR225
ELT - Kannad 406AF-Compact
Satellite Tracker - Skytrac ISAT 200A


Seats: 5
Five (5) Man Utility Seat with Shoulder Harness Kit
204 LH Crew Seat - LSTC# P-LSH04-093

Additional Features

Concord Lead Acid Battery - STC# SH95-36
GPS Mount Provisions - STC# C-LSH14-097/D
Cabin Flight Steps - STC# SH96-57
External Cargo Hook Release System - CoPilot - STC# SH93-34
Dart Bear Paws - STC# SH96-42
Dart Door Handle Kit - STC# SH92-43
Dart LED Pulse Lights - STC# SH92-16
Dart Main Rotor Tie Down -STC# SH16-24
AAI Push Out Window Retrofit Kit - STC# SH91-57
Cargo Hook
Onboard Cargo Hook Bumper Ring - STC#SH94-4
First Aid Kit
BLR Fast Fin - STC# SH08-55
BLR Tailboom Strake - STC# SH01-28
TechTools Skylights
AAI Sliding Crew Door Windows - STC SH93-60
Tech Tools Post Window - RH
AAI Post Window LH - STC SH93-60
Vertical Reference Door - LSTC# P-LSH04-093
Dual Electric Fuel Boost Pump - STC# SH90-29
VIH Heavy Duty Door Stops Kit - STC# SH04-23
Onboard Load Cell System - E-47B
Dart Avionics Riser Console - STC# SH05-11
Dart Cabin Door Roller Kit - STC# 92-43
Dart Adjustable Engine Mount Kit - STC# SH99-11
Dual Dart Cargo Mirror - STC# SH92-16
Dart Cap Assembly Bumper Kit - STC# SH01-9
AFS Inlet Barrier Filter - STC# SH07-27
Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kit (40 Gal)
Two (2) Survival Kit - Survivitech
212 Rotor System
AAI Skid Tubes
AAI Crew Door FWD/RH Window - STC SH93-60
AAI Windshields - STC SH93-56
Tech Tools Chin Bubble Windows
AAI High Skid Gear Crosstubes

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