1979 Bell 212 in UK

1979 Bell 212

  • Make: Bell
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Model: 212
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1979
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 30918
  • Registration No: G-CFXE
  • Flight Time: 20608 hours


MAKE AN OFFER!! This IFR helicopter is being offered in good condition. Now with fresh white livery, the aircraft has previously been military registered, but has always been maintained in accordance with EASA Part 145 and Part M Civil Regulations, and will come with an EASA C of A.


Component Hrs Remaining*
Main rotor blade Red 1,182
Main rotor blade White 1,672
Main rotor mast 4,918
Tail rotor blade Red 3,527
Tail rotor blade White 1,221
Main rotor gearbox 5,701
Main rotor hub 2,318
42 Degree gearbox 3,531
90 Degree gearbox 2,931
Tail rotor hub 1,087
No 1 Engine PT6T3/3B 3,189
No 2 Engine PT6T3/3B 3,120
Combining gear box 3,918
*Correct as of 10/01/17


•Sperry Helipilot AFCS with FD
•VHF 1 – Chelton 905-2
•VHF 2 – Honeywell KTR-908
•UHF 1 – Chelton 805-2
•VHF/FM – Chelton 915-1
•Homer – Chelton 935
•SATCOM – Latitude S200
•Four (4) ICS NAT AA97
•MST67A Mode-S
•Trimble GPS 2101
•L-3 Comms A100 CVR


•Dual instruments
•Dual air data system
•NVG Compatible Steerable landing light (IR/White Light)
•Internal Rescue hoist Provisions
•Dukane Beacon
•Three position crashworthy troop seats
• Medical Lighting

Exterior Description

•Cargo hook provisions
•High Intensity Strobe Lights (HISL)
•Wire strike protection system
•High conspicuous rotor blades
•High Intensity Strobe lights

Additional Features

•Heated Windshield
•20 gallon aux fuel (LH+RH