2006 Bell 407 in São Paulo

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Bell
  • Country: Brazil
  • Model: 407
  • State/Province: São Paulo
  • Year: 2006
  • City/Airport: São Paulo
  • Serial No: 53729
  • Flight Time: 2476 hours
  • Engine Time: 2190 hours

Attached Files


Total cell hours: 2,476.3
Total engine hours: 2,190.9
Total cycles: 6,207
Total landings: 27,128
Cycles available until next general engine overhaul (replacement of the turbine stages): 2,446 cycles/1,863.4 hours
Hours available until next cell inspection (600hs/6 months) – 597.7 or 7.5.2016

Airspeed indicator, Vertical speed indicator, Turn and slip indicator, Artificial horizon, Bendix/King Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), Altimeter, 4 engine instruments, instrument lighting, flight instrument power indictor, Engine/Rotor RPM indicator, Magnetic compass, Davtron M803 Clock/Chronometer/Voltmeter/Outside Temperature, Remote Digital Recorder and Aural Warning System PRD60 OS Engineering Inc., ADF KR-87 Bendix/King, Bendix/King KI-227 indicator, Engine hour meter, fire test button in the engine compartment.


Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, automatic on/stand-by transponder system attached to the landing gear, Avidyne/Ryan TAS610 Traffic Advisory System, Avionics Master Switch, Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel, VHF COM Honeywell KY-196B, VHF/NAV/GPS Garmin GNS 530, Altitude Encoder SSD-120-RS232 Trans-cal Industries Inc., Compass System KCS-55A Honeywell, KA-33 Cooling Fan Honeywell, Stormscope WX-500, Radio frequency selection and exchange remote system attached to the cyclic command.


Seats: 5
2 sliding windows in the passenger rear doors, 7 Bose Series II/X Aviation Headset Plugs, 7 Bose A10 Headsets.

Exterior Description

White with red stripes, 5 navigation lights, anti-collision light, 3 strobe lights, Landing headlight, taxiing headlight, headlight pulse-light system, Heated pitot tube, Static pressure systems, Pre-flight left and right retractable steps.

Additional Features

7 seat belts, 7 shoulder belts, 28 Ah battery, Generator/Starter, Rotorbrake, 5 door shock absorbers, 3 cabin floor protectors, Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit, Double command kit, cyclic safety cover and double-command collective kit, Air conditioner with two front evaporators, ICS Call Circuit (intercom), Auxiliary fuel tank, Quiet Mode Kit, Low landing gear.