2015 Bombardier Global 6000 in Canada

APR 2015 - JUL 2015 - SEPT 2015

  • Make: Bombardier
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: Global 6000
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2015
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Flight Time: 0 hours
  • Engine Time: 0 hours


Engines: Rolls Royce * Deutschland BR710A2-20 * Quick Access Recorder * Workstation Cabinet and Single Seat * CNX Data Acceleration * SMS-5000 Surface Management System * SEATS = 13 + 4 * Weights Basic Operating Weight 52,230 lbs Max Zero Fuel Weight 56,000 lbs Max Takeoff Weight 99,500 lbs Max Landing Weight 78,600 lbs Max Ramp Weight 99,750 lbs * Capacities Max Payload 3,770 lbs Max Payload (Full Fuel) 2,470 lbs Useable Fuel Capacity 45,050 lbs * Internal Dimensions Cabin Volume 2140cu ft

An initial course for four (4) qualified pilots.
Operational training for four (4) qualified pilots on the use of the Head-up Flight Display System and the Bombardier Enhanced Vision System.
A Transport Canada/EASA B1 approved Initial Type ground maintenance training program for two (2) mechanics; and
Emergency Training Procedures for two (2) flight attendants.
Technical documentation including SmartFix Plus
Initial one year subscription to CMMS and Medical Assistance Program
Warranty: 5000 Flight Hours or 60 months from Delivery Time, whichever occurs first

25-20-0003 Workstation Cabinet and Single Seat
34-42-4401 SMS-5000 Surface Management System
44-30-4005 CNX Data Acceleration

Engine Specs:
Rolls-Royce Deutschland / BR700-710A2-20
14,750 pounds thrust each, flat rated at ISA + 20°C
Two-door full flow type thrust reversers
APU • 1 Honeywell RE220[GX] gas turbine


Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, complete w/ four 14”x11” landscape active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD). The window size allows a 50 /50 split window configuration, offering multifunction windows with automatic reversion. Each of the displays can be utilized in a manner that allows multi-tasking of the display surface area. These displays are laid out in a T- configuration, for better crew resource management.
The Cockpit Controls consist of the following:
Two Cursor Control Panels (CCP), on the Center Pedestal.
Two Multifunction Keyboard Panels (MKP) on the Center Pedestal.
Two Glareshield mounted Control Tuning Panels (CTP) offering complete heads-up radio tuning and mode control, display control and standby NAV.
Glareshield mounted Flight Control Panel (FCP) with LCD readouts.
Radio tuning can be performed via the following:
Tuning multi-tasking window.
Selecting a Navaid or Waypoint on the map.
Control Tuning Panel (CTP).
The Integrated Processing System (IPS) is a cabinet architecture that hosts much of the central processing to support the operation of the system. Three single channel Integrated Processing Cabinets (IPC) host the following functions:
Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS).
Flight Management System (FMS).
Onboard Maintenance System (OMS).
Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS).
Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS).
Synthetic Vision System (SVS)


Seats: 14
Additional Equipment:
Exterior paint. with 2 colors and 2 lines
APU Hour Meter
Polish (Latches of Engine Cowlings, Cockpit Windshield Frame, Rear Bay Door Handle, Surround of Main Door, Baggage Door Handle)
One multi-purpose ladder
LH entrance enclosure, main entry door,
RH galley annex, RH galley
Forward bulkhead, manual pocket door
Mid cabin left conference group
Mid cabin bulkhead with frangible pocket door and removable right bulkhead
Forward large lavatory, vacuum toilet, sink, vanity
Forward cockpit flight observer seat
Six (6) single wide seats
Two (2) sets of double seats
A 16G 3-place berthing divan (Certified for TT&L), forward end cabinet and aft end cabinet are installed
Aft right lavatory, vacuum toilet, sink, vanity, storage
Electric accordion window shades
The Inmarsat Satellite Communication system(SATCOM)
Swift Broadband High Speed Data
Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronic Systems
Wireless LAN, Ethernet network
Airshow ASXi
2 dual Blu-ray/CD/DVD/MP3 disc players
Galley touch screen control monitor
Speaker and subwoofer arrangement
Baggage compartment accessible in-flight
Interior LED lighting
Dual channel Iridium telephone system
23 Universal GFCI protected 115 VAC / 60 Hz outlets
16 RJ-45 LAN interface outlets
Plain paper printer/copier/scanner
Two 24” HD video monitors with dedicated MDMI ports (1 per monitor)
Eleven (11) receptacles for 10.6” plug-in touchscreen HD monitors:
HD Media Streamer Credenza

Additional Features

Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
Dual 3-axis CAT II automatic flight control systems including auto-throttle and autopilot
Triple VHF Comm, 25 KHz or 8.33 KHz, one unit data capability
one hundred and twenty minutes CVR
ELT, 3 frequencies, nav interface
Electronic charts
Two class II Electronic Flight Bag
LCD Head-Up Display
Synthetic Vision System
Three air data computers
Triple IRS
Dual ADF
Dual radio altimeter
Graphical flight planning
Onboard Maintenance System
RVSM compliant
Data Link capability
Digital FDR, 25 hours
Graphical weather display capability
Paperless operation
Enhanced Vision System
Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument
MultiScan automatic weather radar
Two VHF navigation receivers
Dual DME
TCAS / Transponder system, Change 7
Dual HF