2008 Eurocopter EC 155B1 in UK

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Eurocopter
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Model: EC 155B1
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2008
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Flight Time: 4500 hours
  • Engine Time: 2035 hours


Well presented Helicopter in VIP configuration and OGP compliant for the offshore conversion role for with 13 Man offshore conversion kit.


600 Hrs./24 Mths. Inspection : Due after 564:58 Hours or on 03-Dec-2017.


Two VHF Com
Two VOR/ILS/GS and Marker Receiver
Automatic Direction Finder
Radio Altimeter
Two Intercom
Autopilot with Flight Director


Seats: 6
06 Passenger VIP Seat c/w Seat Belt 10. One Search Light & One Landing Light
Cabin Heating & Ventilation System 11. Standby Compass
Sliding Cabin Doors 12. Anti - Collision Light
Co-Pilot’s Instruments 13. Underwater Locator Beacon
Two Cabin Fire Extinguishers 14. Search and Rescue Beacon (406 MHz)
Emergency Flotation Gear 15. C.P.I / ELT 406 MHz
First Aid Kit 16. Passenger Address System
Windshield Demisting System 17. Passenger Emergency Exit Lighting
Dual Controls & Instruments 18. Health and Usage Monitoring System (Mini-Hums)

Additional Features

offshore conversion role for with 13 Man offshore conversion kit