1955 MiG 15UTi in Argentina

1955 MiG includes a Spare Engine!

  • Make: MiG
  • Country: Argentina
  • Model: 15UTi
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1955
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 612304
  • Flight Time: 62 hours
  • Engine Time: 62 hours


Aircraft price includes a spare engine (S/N: B346513 with approx 1/3 remaining life)

This information has been taken from the P.O.H. (Pilot Operating Handbook).

Twin seat trainer, in perfect conditions of airworthiness. This Aircraft does not have armament because it is for civilian use

Airframe S/N: 612304 (The airframe has flown 62.3 hours and 117 cycles since last overhaul/restoration)

Engine S/N: 525360 (This engine has flown 62.3 hours and 117 cycles since last overhaul so it is nearly brand new)

Power plant: A turbojet engine PZL" LIS – 2-SB " of 5313 Lbs of thrust at sea level

Call sign : LV-X216


1) Altimeter Kollsmann P/N:AF58-28139

2) Altimeter Aerosonic P/N:A B/A-1D-4

3) Xpnder Bendix King KXP 755 PN:055-1071-00

4) 2 parachutes for each seat

5) ELT-910 TSO PN:285974-016 PF

6) 2 VOR /ILS Bendix King

7) 2 VHF Bendix King

8) 1 DME Bendix King in the FWD cockpit with its display and a second display for the AFT cockpit.

9) 1 Intercom


Seats: 2

Exterior Description

Last repainted in 2000 - Paint is in excellent condition.

This warbird has always been hangared i.e. never slept outside so there is no corrosion.

Additional Features

PERFORMANCE: Maximum Speed. 567 kts / (1.050 kms/h) or 0.92 M without drop tanks. Cruising speed: 850 km/h Range: 1.310 km / 1.975 km without external tanks /with drop tanks, service ceiling: 50.000 ft w/o drop tanks and 42500 ft w/drop tanks.

The total amount of fuel on board is with drop tanks (each drop tank of 400 liters) 1798 liters i.e. 998 liters inside the belly an 400 liters in each drop tank