2015 Mil MI-8S in Ukraine

New Mil-8 MSB Helicopters For Sale

  • Make: Mil
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Model: MI-8S
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2015
  • City/Airport: Kiev
  • Serial No: Multiple Serial Numbers
  • Flight Time: 0 hours
  • Engine Time: 0 hours


We have up to 24 Medium Class Helicopters FOR IMMEDIATE SALE
Have available heavy lift Mi-8 helicopters. Straight from the factory.

Four Mi-8s are currently at the factory in Ukraine, complete and ready to go, except for the installation of the rotor blades and engines. This will take less than three days to complete and make ready to ship via air on an Antonov-124.

The Mi-8s are $8.0 million each well below the normal price of $11 plus million USD:

Price includes the following:
1. Mi-8.
2. A one year warranty
3. Five hours of instruction for the flight crew on handle these more powerful Mi-8.. (This is also a factory requirement to insure the flight crew can deal with all the new power available for the rotor blade.

4) We will deliver the helicopter to anywhere in the world for you. You have to pay for shipping. For example, the Dubai destination would be about $60,000 on an Antonov-124 flight you can fly two Mi-8s in an Antonov-124.

Note: These new engines on the Ukrainian Mi-8’s has double the TBO (Time Between Overhauls) than the Russian Mi-8s. The upgraded Ukrainian Mi-8’s have more than double the service ceiling to over 20,000 feet a great help in hot high operations like in the Tropics.


Seats: 32
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We will send you additional specifications.