1999 Pilatus PC-12/45 in Canada

Pilatus PC-12/45 Commuter

  • Make: Pilatus
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: PC-12/45
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1999
  • City/Airport: Montreal
  • Serial No: MSN 274
  • Registration No: C-FAXY
  • Flight Time: 18046 hours
  • Engine Time: 2399 hours


100% Professionally flown. Many STC's including lead acid batteries, Lifeport Stretcher STC, Single-Pilot Cargo STC (NOT operated as cargo), Emergency Power STC, etc. Current Transport Canada Approved Mx Schedule MSA-Q0764 and Pilatus Progressive MTCE Program


Operated by Canadian airline flying daily. Outstanding maintenance and records.

-Single pilot cargo configuration TCCA O-LSA13-156/D
-Conversion from Marathon NiCad
to Concorde Lead/Acid main battery TCCA C-LSA99-353/D
-Avionics Installation TCCA O-LSA-99-059/D
-Emergency Power System FAA SA00296DE
-Multi-Hazard Awareness System TCCA SA04-121
-Flap protective tape installation TCCA C-LSA00-179/D
-Nav light installation TCCA O-LSA06-001/D
-Altair Trendcheck Engine Monitor Installation STC SE00020EN
-Hub, Main Wheel (2) (ea.) Parker Cleveland FAA STC SAO1376CH
-Indicator, Airspeed, Co-Pilot FAA STC 00322DE
-Indicator, Vertical Speed, Co-Pilot FAA STC 00322DE
-Static Port, Heated Dual (2) (ea.) FAA STC A00322DE
-Engine oil Filter TCCA STC SE97-14
-Crewseat Backrest Panel TCCA STC SA03-10
-Lifeport Stretcher FAA STC SA00272LA


Type of Equipment No. installed Make Type
COM/NAV 2 Honeywell KX155A
Audio Panel 1 Honeywell KMA24H-71
Transponder 2 Honeywell KT70
DME 1 Honeywell KN63
ADF 1 Honeywell KR87
GPS 1 Honeywell KLN90B
Autopilot 1 Honeywell KCP220
ELT (406 MHz) 1 Artex ELT c406
Weather Radar Transceiver 1 Honeywell ART2000
Weather Radar Indicator 1 Honeywell IN182A
Radar Altimeter 1 Honeywell KRA405B
RMI Indicator 2 Honeywell KNI582-1
MKR 1 Honeywell KR21
ADC 1 Honeywell KDC222

MFD 1 Honeywell KMD540
TCAS 1 and EGPWS 1 Honeywell KMH920
Symbol Generator 2 Honeywell SG-465
EFIS Display 4 Honeywell ED462
Standby Horizon 1 Goodrich 504-0035-922
Altimeter encoder 1 Honeywell KEA346
Co-Pilot enc Altimeter 1 United 5935P-P50-P.150
Airspeed 2 Thommen 5c46, 5c16
VSI 2 United 7040-c.110


Seats: 9
Navy Blue Leather seats. 9-Passenger Commuter configuration (7/10)
(Lifeport Stretcher STC. Single-pilot cargo STC.)

Exterior Description

Overall white with Navy Blue Belly and Green Stripe (6/10)

Additional Features

Recognition Lights
LED Navigation Lights
Emergency Power Supply
Trendcheck Engine monitoring kit
Parker-Cleveland Brake Mod
Dual RG380 Lead-Acid Battery
Dual-Pitot Static system
Saba flap Actuators
Cockpit Electrical Foot heater
Cabin Aux electrical Heating System
Large O2 Bottle Config
9 Pax Commuter cabin version
Upgraded Flap Motor system
Enviro Supplemental Air Conditionning System
Engine,Battery and Equipment additional ground heating