1974 Piper PA-31P-425 in Turkey

PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE !!! Perfect Aerial Survey Aircraft.A really superb aeroplane beautifully equipped, one of the best ever!, very low TT.

  • Make: Piper
  • Country: Turkey
  • Model: PA-31P-425
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1974
  • City/Airport: Öveçler-Çankaya (LTAC)
  • Serial No: 31P-7400225
  • Registration No: TC-FAD
  • Flight Time: 2360 hours
  • Engine Time: 394 hours


- Specially designed and modified for both lidar and photogrammetry aerial survey operations.
- All AD’s and SB’s are applied.
- All life limited parts are valid.
- All maintenance and operational requirements are fit to FAA and EASA regulations.
- Always hangared.
- Corrosion free perfect airframe.
- Cabin Pressurization keeps 4,5PSI at FL250 (Maintaining 8000feet pressure at 21.000Feet).
- All maintenance/modification/operation documents and records are available.
- 21” and 18” dual camera holes (closed with certified optical glass. Certified for both LIDAR and photogrammetric operations) with electrically opening belly doors, 118Amp. Power box. aerial survey engineering patrolling.
- 2 times transatlantic flown.
- Definately a perfect work horse for aerial survey engineering patrolling flights and bush operations.
- All modifications are applied by factory authorized maintenance centers and special STC’s are available to show.
- All modifications are approved by Civil Aviation Authority.
- Airworthiness Certificate just (April-2016) refreshed.
- All NDT tests and Annual inspections just refreshed.
- Perfect working de-ice boots.


- Modified and re-furbished by Straight Flight Maintenance Center, CO, USA
- Modified and Maintenaned by TAA(Turkish Aeronautical Association) Technic.
- All safety/quality/regulational documentation managing by approval maintenance center.


- Garmin G600 PFD/MFD (With SVT and Chartview option included)
- Dual GNS530 & GNS430 IFR approved GPS
- GTX-330 Mode S Transponder
- Artex G-406-4 ( 4 frequencies ) ELT
- PMA-8000B Audio Panel
- Garmin GWX-68 Meteorology Radar
- Perfectly trimmed and working Altimatic V FD-I Auto pilot.


Seats: 7
- Seats: 7
- 7 seats re-installation possible.
- Specially designed for aerial survey flights.

Exterior Description

- A stylish and cool appear with colemill winglets.

Additional Features

- All LED Taxi/Landing/Winglet lights
- Dual Trimble AV37 Precision GNSS + Inertial Antennas Installed
- One more additional Garmin GPS antenna installed for spare use
- Colemill Winglets
- Original landing gears changed with much stronger and heavy duty cleveland kits.