2014 Robinson Clipper II in Quebec

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Robinson
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: Clipper II
  • State/Province: Quebec
  • Year: 2014
  • City/Airport: Longue-Pointe de Mingan (Sept)
  • Registration No: C-GYGQ
  • Flight Time: 400 hours
  • Engine Time: 400 hours


Clipper II with fixe float and standard landing gear, LH & RH Ample Pods , Onboard Cargo Hook, Floor Protector, Tanis Heater, Bear Paws, Cargo Mirror, GTX327 transponder, Garmin VHF, Horizon Artificial, DG


Up to date on SB's & AD's


Seats: 4
Leather beige

Exterior Description

Blue with gold stripe