2009 Robinson R-44 in Quebec

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Robinson
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: R-44
  • State/Province: Quebec
  • Year: 2009
  • City/Airport: St-Mathieu de Beloeil (CSB3)
  • Registration No: C-GAHE
  • Flight Time: 670 hours
  • Engine Time: 670 hours


Pristine R44 gray leather seat, engine priming, artificial gyro,DG, bear paws, KY197A comm, KT76C transponder, GPS Garmin 420, NAT AA12S .


all Ad's and SB's up to date except SB78A bladder tank


KY197A comm
KT76C transponder
Garmin 420 GPS
Nat AA12S intercom


Seats: 4
4 seats grey leather rated at 9/10

Exterior Description

Blue and silver astro paint scheme rated at 9/10