2005 Robinson Raven II in Poland

Robinson R44 Raven II

  • Make: Robinson
  • Country: Poland
  • Model: Raven II
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2005
  • City/Airport: Poznań (EPPK)
  • Serial No: 10716
  • Registration No: SP-MAT
  • Flight Time: 2900 hours
  • Engine Time: 2900 hours


Helicenter.pl is certified service center of Robinson since 2004, we sell two of our own helicopters because of lack of work due to COVID-19 ( please also check the
SP-SAL). It is well equipped almost new (time since complete overhaul 700h) R44 Raven II. 2200h/12y airframe/engine overhaul done. Aircraft has always been hangared, serviced according to all EU regulations. Fully equipped avionics, plus dual headset connectors. No damage history. Net price.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.


Always serviced according to part 145.


Altimeter- United instruments, model 5934PM-3 (serial no. 444271)
VSI- United instruments, model 7000, (serial no. 312633)
ASI – United instruments, model 8000, (serial no. 188588)
Radio ALT. –Free flight, model TRA-3500, (serial no. 4503236)
Radio ATL. Indicator – Free flight, model TRI-40, (serial no. 4442177)
Vert. card compass – Precision aviation, model PAI-700, 54610
Turn coordinator – Mid continent, model 1394T100-7Z, (serial no. L04-11440)
ADI – Bf goodrich, model 1100-14s, (serial no. 25378)
Indicator – Garmin, model GI-106A, (serial no. A05-10718)


Trim Imron no. L0183
visual condition : 10/10

Exterior Description

Airframe : Solid with 2200h/12y airframe/engine overhaul done
Paint specification:
Base Imron no. L2559 (dark green metallic)
visual condition: 10/10