2011 Xtremeair Sbach in Austria

XA 41 for sale

  • Make: Xtremeair
  • Country: Austria
  • Model: Sbach
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2011
  • City/Airport: Vienna (LOAV)
  • Serial No: SN 04
  • Registration No: D-EKTL
  • Flight Time: 190 hours
  • Engine Time: 190 hours


Delivered in August 2011
Very nice unlimited aerobatic aircraft in perfect conditions, former European Champion airplane!
Always hangared.
First 25 hours no aerobatic flown.
Engine: Lycoming AEIO 580, 315 HP.
Propeller: MT-Propeller MTV-9-B-C/C 203-20d.
No damage history.


All mandatory AD’s and SB’s done by XtremeAir or by a certified maintenance service company.
Maintenance and some updates (new brake cylinder, new spades for better handling .....) done.


MVP-50 Engine Monitoring.
Airspeed indicator - Winter.
Magnetic direction indicator.
Altimeter - Winter.
2 G-Meter + and - 10G.
Clock - Freestyle timer.
Radio Funkwerk 8,33 kHz.
Transponder Funkwerk Avionics TRT 800H - Mode S.
GPS Garmin aera 550, in the panel integrated.


Seats: 1
Perfect condition.
Very comfortable seat for “High G’s” and for crosscountry flying.
3 baggage storages!!

Exterior Description

Perfect condition.
Freshly polished (end of August 2018)

Additional Features

All optional equipment including smoke tank, electric trim, 2 ratchet hooker harness, covers for the hole plane (inside the hangar and rainresistend ones for outside).
Grove brakes. (New wheels and brakes 2017).
Tail lock installed.
National Flat Parachute (black) included.
This aircraft was designed to meet the highest safety standards, it is stronger and more modern than the Extra. The airframe is an all carbon monocoque construction, the limit of +/- 10 G is an EASA limitation, but not the limit of this aircraft!
A high quality acryl paint was used, both colors are metallic colors!!
With a maximum fuel capacity of 275 Liters a range of more than 1.000 NM is possible (170 kts, 60 minutes reserve).
This aircraft has the highest ever measured roll rate of more than 500 degrees per second.
Importantly, the design is EASA certified, this aircraft has a German registration at the moment and an EASA Permit to Fly with “Unlimited flight conditions”.
The “D” registration can be transferred to any other European register or, of course, the aircraft is available for export outside of Europe.
An inspection is possible any time, the airport LOAV is located south, but close to Vienna in Austria.