2018 flyARGO AK1-3 Helicopter in Poland

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  • Make: flyARGO
  • Country: Poland
  • Model: AK1-3 Helicopter
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2018
  • City/Airport: Warsaw
  • Flight Time: 0 hours


The AK 1-3 is a two-seater, ultralight helicopter, designed for fast, comfortable and safe travel. Technical specifications and operational parameters of the helicopter meet or exceed competitive aircraft from world industry leaders.

• excellent control, flight stability, maneuverability, low vibration and noise thanks to a ideal design balance and a three-blade main rotor.

• low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and independence from aviation specific fuel types due to the use of Pb 95 gasoline.

• according to Visual Flight Rules (VFR), the operating temperature range is -18oC to +35oC, main and tail rotor blades made of light and highly durable composite materials.

• The cabin provides comfortable space for two crew members. members comfortably. The width of the cabin at shoulder level is 1200 mm (vs. Robinson R.22 - 1055 mm).

• The large windows provide excellent visibility in all directions.

• Perforated leather seating is standard equipment. No t-bar here!

• Dual cyclic controls provide the ultimate feel and control.

• The AK 1-3 is equipped with a heating and ventilation system that guarantees ideal cabin temperature in different weather conditions.


Seats: 2

Additional Features

Radio and Transponder Equipped `