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Established in 2002 GlobalPlaneSearch is the largest aircraft for sale website on the Internet. Easily search our 27,000+ helicopters and airplanes for sale, lease or trade. Search by Aircraft Type (Helicopter For Sale, Fighter Jets For Sale), Region (Aircraft for Sale United States, Aircraft for Sale UK), Aircraft Usage (Business Aircraft, Warbirds For Sale), Aircraft Offer or Make and Model (Cessna 172 For Sale, P-51 Mustang for Sale, All Aircraft Manufacturers).

We are aviation enthusiasts and our team continues to work hard to expand our inventory and improve the quality of search results we are delivering. Whether you are looking to buy aircraft or sell aircraft, GlobalPlaneSearch is the best resource to research new and used airplanes and helicopters for sale on the Internet.

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"IT WORKS! the plane is sold, gone, check in the bank!"
T. Brown
"I had not heard of Global Plane Search before Dan called and suggested we try it. We decided to give it a try and listed 3 planes. In a short 2 month timeframe we now have 2 of the 3 under contract."
K. Kline
LJ Aviation