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2002 Agusta A109E in USA

  • Price: $850,000

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2002 Agusta 109E Power, 5180TT

  • Make: Agusta
  • Country: United States
  • Model: A109E
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2002
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 11509


Best deal on an EMS equipped Agusta Power on the market today!
EMS Equipped, Air Conditioning, 2 Cell Fuel System, Dual Controls, Rotor Brake.

Available exclusively from Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. Spec Sheet Online at
For more information please call 512-868-0007 or email


Single Pilot IFR King Silver Crown Avionics Package
AFCS 3 Axis Duplex SP-711 Honeywell
GNS 530 GPS Garmin
ADI & EHSI, Pilot / Copilot
Stand-by ADI
Barometric Altimeter
Gyrocompass C14A Honeywell
Transponder KT-70 King
DME KDM-706A King
ICS Pilot / Co-pilot AG-06-1U Agusta
Marker Beacon KMR-675 King
NAT AA95-452 Audio Panel
Flight Director with Auto-trim FZ-702 Honeywell
Radio Altimeter AA-300 Honeywell
E.L.T. 406 ELT
Weather Radar RDR 2000
Technisonic TFM-500 Radio
Digital Clock
Cabin 3rd ICS Station


(2002) EMS configuration with pilot, copilot and EMS attendant seats covered in blue leatherette. Single Foldable Stretcher, Fwd Facing Foldable Medical Attendant Seat with Headrest, Aft Facing Sliding/Rotating Medical Attendant Seat, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump, EMS Cabin Wall Installation, EMS Electrical Provisions, Liquid Oxygen System, Medical Air Pump – Thomas, Headliner with Soundproofing and EMS Provisions, Side Liners LH and RH with EMS Provisions, Bench Panels with Rear EMS Provisions and Stretcher Rear Lock Mechanism, Stretcher Platform Provisions, Floor Equipped with Rails and Drains, Sliders on Cockpit and Cabin Doors Windows

Additional Features

ECU (Air Conditioning)
3-Cell Fuel System (160 USG)
Dual Controls
Aft Sliding Doors, LH/RH
Rotor Brake
Aircraft Caddy, Battery Powered Tug

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