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1970 Hawker Siddeley 125-400A in Dorset

  • Price: $35,000

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HS 125 1970 without engines

  • Make: Hawker Siddeley
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Model: 125-400A
  • State/Province: Dorset
  • Year: 1970
  • City/Airport: Bournemouth (EGHH)
  • Serial No: 25238
  • Registration No: VP-BKK
  • Flight Time: 11500 hours
  • Engine Time: 10 hours


This aircraft had its engines and avionics removed in 2014, following some damage to one wingtip during a storm. However the interior is in perfect condition with a three seat and two seat sofa and three passenger seats at tables. The undercarriage and flight surfaces are in good condition.




The central overhead panel is all there, and some items of avionics, including a GPS and the panel itself.


Seats: 8
As per photos, a three seat and two seat sofa plus three passenger seats with a twin and single table in excellent condition.

Exterior Description

As per photos, reasonable paint work and wing surfaces. Flaps, ailerons, T tail control surfaces all there and still connected to the cockpit controls. Windscreens and all windows in good condition.

Additional Features

Can be delivered to anywhere in the U.K. And rebuilt on site for around £10k depending on location.

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