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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Aero Commander 700 1979Aero Commander 700 US$ 189,500Arkansas, USA4
Aeronca Chief 1941Aeronca "Chief"
US$ 20,000Arkansas, USA6
Aerostar 600A Machen Superstar 1981Aerostar 600A "Machen Superstar" US$ 229,000Arkansas, USA76
Air Tractor AT-400 1983Air Tractor AT-400 SaleArkansas, USA46
Air Tractor AT-402 1993Air Tractor AT-402 US$ 365,000Arkansas, USA18
Air Tractor AT-502B 1994Air Tractor AT-502B SaleArkansas, USA18
Air Tractor AT-502B 2009Air Tractor AT-502B SaleArkansas, USA18
Air Tractor AT-502B 2009Air Tractor AT-502B US$ 745,000Arkansas, USA18
Air Tractor AT-602 1997Air Tractor AT-602 US$ 395,000Arkansas, USA18
Air Tractor AT-602 2006Air Tractor AT-602 US$ 735,000Arkansas, USA18
Beech E33A Bonanza 1968Beech E33A "Bonanza"
US$ 89,900Arkansas, USA111
Beech H35 Bonanza 1957Beech H35 "Bonanza" US$ 54,900Arkansas, USA180
Beech V35B Bonanza 1975Beech V35B "Bonanza" US$ 139,500Arkansas, USA3
Beech 36 Bonanza 1991Beech 36 "Bonanza" US$ 218,000Arkansas, USA88
Beech A36 Bonanza 2000Beech A36 "Bonanza" US$ 325,000Arkansas, USA3
Beech 58 Baron 1973Beech 58 "Baron" US$ 169,500Arkansas, USA24
Beech 58 Baron 1973Beech 58 "Baron" US$ 169,500Arkansas, USA4
Beech 58 Baron 1973Beech 58 "Baron" US$ 169,500Arkansas, USA20
Beech 58 Baron 1980Beech 58 "Baron" SaleArkansas, USA75
Beech 58 Baron 1996Beech 58 "Baron" SaleArkansas, USA87
Beech C90A King Air 1986Beech C90A "King Air" US$ 749,000Arkansas, USA76
Beech 95-B55 Baron 1978Beech 95-B55 "Baron" US$ 188,500Arkansas, USA3
Beech 95-B55 Baron 1979Beech 95-B55 "Baron" US$ 165,000Arkansas, USA4
Beech 200 King Air 1979Beech 200 "King Air" SaleArkansas, USA76
Beech B200 King Air 1981Beech B200 "King Air" US$ 695,000Arkansas, USA76
Beech B200 King Air 1987Beech B200 "King Air" US$ 2,249,000Arkansas, USA4
Beech 400 Beechjet 1986Beech 400 "Beechjet" SaleArkansas, USA71
Beech 400 Beechjet 1989Beech 400 "Beechjet" SaleArkansas, USA76
Bell 206B JetRanger II 1975Bell 206B "JetRanger II"
Price Reduced!
US$ 377,000Arkansas, USA4
Bell 206B JetRanger II 1975Bell 206B "JetRanger II" US$ 375,000Arkansas, USA56
Bellanca 7ECA Citabria Aurora 1977Bellanca 7ECA "Citabria Aurora"
US$ 50,000Arkansas, USA33
Bellanca 7GCBC 1971Bellanca 7GCBC
US$ 55,000Arkansas, USA83
Bushby Midget Mustang 1997Bushby "Midget Mustang" US$ 19,500Arkansas, USA81
Bushby Mustang 1997Bushby "Mustang" US$ 19,500Arkansas, USA73
Cessna 150 Texas Taildragger 1972Cessna 150 "Texas Taildragger"
US$ 31,500Arkansas, USA88
Cessna 150 Texas Taildragger 1972Cessna 150 "Texas Taildragger"
US$ 35,000Arkansas, USA280
Cessna 150J 1969Cessna 150J US$ 28,500Arkansas, USA53
Cessna 150L 1971Cessna 150L US$ 19,500Arkansas, USA21
Cessna 152 Sparrow Hawk 1978Cessna 152 "Sparrow Hawk"
US$ 23,000Arkansas, USA220
Cessna 152 1978Cessna 152 US$ 19,000Arkansas, USA40
Cessna 152 1979Cessna 152 US$ 37,000Arkansas, USA31
Cessna 152 1979Cessna 152 US$ 27,500Arkansas, USA273
Cessna 152 1979Cessna 152 US$ 37,000Arkansas, USA33
Cessna 175 Skylark Cessna 175 "Skylark" US$ 10,500Arkansas, USA19
Cessna 175 Skylark Cessna 175 "Skylark" US$ 10,500Arkansas, USA20
Cessna 177 Cardinal 1968Cessna 177 "Cardinal" US$ 45,000Arkansas, USA46
Cessna 182 Skylane 1964Cessna 182 "Skylane" US$ 43,000Arkansas, USA82
Cessna 182P Skylane 1972Cessna 182P "Skylane" US$ 80,000Arkansas, USA186
Cessna 182P Skylane 1972Cessna 182P "Skylane" US$ 62,000Arkansas, USA54
Cessna 182Q Skylane 1977Cessna 182Q "Skylane" US$ 89,900Arkansas, USA33