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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Cessna 310Q 1979Cessna 310Q SaleUnited States14
Cessna 310L 1967Cessna 310L US$ 49,900Pennsylvania, USA14
Cessna 310 1956Cessna 310 US$ 80,000Illinois, USA15
Cessna 310 1956Cessna 310 US$ 33,950Oklahoma, USA27
Cessna 310 1959Cessna 310 US$ 69,900?8
Cessna 310 1961Cessna 310 US$ 42,500?49
Cessna 310 1962Cessna 310 US$ 65,000?78
Cessna 310 1963Cessna 310 US$ 77,500?239
Cessna 310 1963Cessna 310 US$ 59,000?239
Cessna 310 1964Cessna 310 US$ 47,900?34
Cessna 310 1965Cessna 310 US$ 75,000?84
Cessna 310 1965Cessna 310 US$ 49,000?108
Cessna 310 1966Cessna 310 US$ 65,000?84
Cessna 310 1967Cessna 310 US$ 65,000Texas, USA84
Cessna 310 1967Cessna 310 US$ 69,500?63
Cessna 310 1968Cessna 310 US$ 70,000?108
Cessna 310 1968Cessna 310 US$ 44,500?52
Cessna 310 1969Cessna 310 US$ 69,000Alberta, Canada163
Cessna 310 1969Cessna 310 US$ 59,500?23
Cessna 310 1974Cessna 310 US$ 112,000Alberta, Canada163
Cessna 310 1979Cessna 310 US$ 82,500Florida, USA73
Cessna 310-I 1964Cessna 310-I EU€ 57,000
US$ 76,300
Cessna 310-I 1964Cessna 310-I SaleTexas, USA15
Cessna 310B 1958Cessna 310B US$ 38,000North Carolina, USA16
Cessna 310B Cessna 310B SaleUnited Kingdom2
Cessna 310C Riley Rocket 1959Cessna 310C "Riley Rocket"
US$ 69,900Colorado, USA8
Cessna 310C 1958Cessna 310C US$ 51,900Florida, USA90
Cessna 310C 1959Cessna 310C US$ 69,900Colorado, USA7
Cessna 310C 1959Cessna 310C US$ 59,000Florida, USA87
Cessna 310C 1978Cessna 310C US$ 99,000Germany15
Cessna 310D 1960Cessna 310D US$ 48,000Arizona, USA63
Cessna 310D 1960Cessna 310D
US$ 118,000United Kingdom2
Cessna 310D 1960Cessna 310D US$ 25,000?78
Cessna 310F 1961Cessna 310F US$ 55,000Pennsylvania, USA55
Cessna 310G 1962Cessna 310G US$ 19,000Arizona, USA163
Cessna 310G 1962Cessna 310G US$ 65,000South Dakota, USA63
Cessna 310G 1962Cessna 310G US$ 35,000United States49
Cessna 310J 1965Cessna 310J US$ 53,600California, USA75
Cessna 310J 1965Cessna 310J US$ 53,600California, USA84
Cessna 310J 1965Cessna 310J US$ 80,000Tennessee, USA57
Cessna 310J 1965Cessna 310J
SaleTexas, USA163
Cessna 310J 1965Cessna 310J SaleTexas, USA225
Cessna 310K 1966Cessna 310K
US$ 65,000Florida, USA63
Cessna 310K 1966Cessna 310K SaleWashington, USA63
Cessna 310L 1967Cessna 310L US$ 45,900Pennsylvania, USA86
Cessna 310L 1967Cessna 310L US$ 45,900Pennsylvania, USA57
Cessna 310N 1968Cessna 310N US$ 65,500Missouri, USA83
Cessna 310N 1968Cessna 310N US$ 99,500North Carolina, USA63
Cessna 310N 1968Cessna 310N US$ 44,500Washington, USA52
Cessna 310N 1968Cessna 310N
US$ 44,500Washington, USA56