Cessna Citation Business Jets for Sale

Cessna Citation Business Jet Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Cessna 650 Citation VII 2000Cessna 650 "Citation VII" SaleTexas, USA73
Cessna Citation 1990Cessna "Citation" US$ 1,220,000United States45
Cessna 560 Citation V 1991Cessna 560 "Citation V" US$ 1,300,000United States40
Cessna 501 Citation I/SP 1977Cessna 501 "Citation I/SP" US$ 395,000United States40
Cessna 525 CitationJet 1998Cessna 525 "CitationJet" US$ 720,000Germany4
Cessna Citation 2011Cessna "Citation" US$ 3,999,994Hawaii, USA7
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA7
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation"
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" SaleNevada, USA310
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" US$ 5,000,000
Sale or Dry Lease
United Kingdom87
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" SaleUnited States73
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" SaleUnited States146
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" Sale?265
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" US$ 4,195,000?358
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" Sale?286
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" Sale?221
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" Sale?221
Cessna Citation 2014Cessna "Citation" Sale?297
Cessna Citation CJ 1996Cessna "Citation CJ" SaleUnited States23
Cessna Citation CJ1 2001Cessna "Citation CJ1" SaleBrazil168
Cessna Citation CJ1 2002Cessna "Citation CJ1" SaleFlorida, USA7
Cessna Citation CJ1 2006Cessna "Citation CJ1" SaleFlorida, USA7
Cessna Citation Mustang 2009Cessna "Citation Mustang" SaleTexas, USA27
Cessna 206 Citation Sierra 1978Cessna 206 "Citation Sierra"
US$ 230,000British Columbia, Canada277
Cessna 500 Citation 1972Cessna 500 "Citation" Sale?236
Cessna 500 Citation 1973Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
US$ 299,000Utah, USA89
Cessna 500 Citation 1973Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 550,000Utah, USA48
Cessna 500 Citation 1973Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
US$ 349,000?208
Cessna 500 Citation 1973Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
Cessna 500 Citation 1974Cessna 500 "Citation"
SaleCalifornia, USA82
Cessna 500 Citation 1974Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA226
Cessna 500 Citation 1974Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
SaleFlorida, USA223
Cessna 500 Citation 1974Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 135,000?262
Cessna 500 Citation 1974Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 289,000?241
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 339,500Arkansas, USA82
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA124
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA3
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA58
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
SaleFlorida, USA109
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA1
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" SaleFlorida, USA118
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
SaleFlorida, USA117
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 575,000Wisconsin, USA96
Cessna 500 Citation 1975Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 575,000?297
Cessna 500 Citation 1976Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 395,000Luxembourg4
Cessna 500 Citation 1976Cessna 500 "Citation"
Long Wing
US$ 395,000?297
Cessna 500 Citation 1977Cessna 500 "Citation" US$ 439,500?321
Cessna 500 Citation I 1975Cessna 500 "Citation I"
SaleUnited Kingdom13
Cessna 500 Citation I 1976Cessna 500 "Citation I" US$ 275,000Denmark47
Cessna 500 Citation I 1976Cessna 500 "Citation I"
EASA, Air Ambulance
US$ 275,000Denmark54