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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 2000Cessna 560XL "Citation Excel"
Air Ambulance
SaleFlorida, USA58
Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 2001Cessna 560XL "Citation Excel" SaleFlorida, USA58
Cessna 120 1946Cessna 120 US$ 17,500Florida, USA37
Cessna 120 1946Cessna 120 US$ 19,900Florida, USA63
Cessna 140 1946Cessna 140 US$ 29,500Florida, USA23
Cessna 150 1967Cessna 150 US$ 39,900Florida, USA124
Cessna 150 1972Cessna 150 US$ 35,000Florida, USA71
Cessna 150E 1965Cessna 150E US$ 17,989Florida, USA63
Cessna 150H 1968Cessna 150H US$ 20,000Florida, USA56
Cessna 150H 1968Cessna 150H US$ 20,000Florida, USA83
Cessna 150L 1971Cessna 150L US$ 17,500Florida, USA63
Cessna 152 1983Cessna 152 US$ 34,500Florida, USA84
Cessna 152 1983Cessna 152 US$ 34,500Florida, USA69
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 2011Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" US$ 82,000Florida, USA52
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 2011Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" US$ 82,000Florida, USA72
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 2011Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" US$ 119,900Florida, USA353
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 2011Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" US$ 114,900Florida, USA65
Cessna 162 Skycatcher 2013Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" US$ 149,900Florida, USA352
Cessna 170B 1955Cessna 170B US$ 51,000Florida, USA182
Cessna 172 Cutlass RG 1980Cessna 172 "Cutlass RG" US$ 47,900Florida, USA72
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 1958Cessna 172 "Skyhawk" US$ 19,500Florida, USA31
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 1958Cessna 172 "Skyhawk" US$ 19,950Florida, USA71
Cessna 172 Skyhawk Cessna 172 "Skyhawk" US$ 160,000Florida, USA50
Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP 1956Cessna 172 "Skyhawk SP" US$ 17,500Florida, USA65
Cessna 172 1980Cessna 172 US$ 64,500Florida, USA17
Cessna 172E Skyhawk 1963Cessna 172E "Skyhawk" US$ 56,000Florida, USA17
Cessna 172F Skyhawk 2012Cessna 172F "Skyhawk"
150hp Price Reduced!
US$ 49,900Florida, USA210
Cessna 172G 1966Cessna 172G US$ 73,000Florida, USA24
Cessna 172L Skyhawk 1971Cessna 172L "Skyhawk" US$ 69,900Florida, USA13
Cessna 172L Skyhawk 1971Cessna 172L "Skyhawk" US$ 69,900Florida, USA42
Cessna 172L 1972Cessna 172L US$ 16,500Florida, USA182
Cessna 172M Skyhawk 1976Cessna 172M "Skyhawk" US$ 150,000Florida, USA9
Cessna 172M 1973Cessna 172M US$ 39,900Florida, USA197
Cessna 172N 1977Cessna 172N SaleFlorida, USA182
Cessna 172N 1979Cessna 172N US$ 44,900Florida, USA77
Cessna 172N 1980Cessna 172N US$ 50,000Florida, USA77
Cessna 172P 1983Cessna 172P US$ 55
Florida, USA127
Cessna 172R Centurion 1997Cessna 172R "Centurion" SaleFlorida, USA24
Cessna 172R Skyhawk Cessna 172R "Skyhawk"
US$ 70,000Florida, USA191
Cessna 172R Skyhawk TD 1997Cessna 172R "Skyhawk TD" SaleFlorida, USA63
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2002Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP" US$ 125,000Florida, USA43
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2003Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP" US$ 115,000Florida, USA295
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2004Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP" US$ 159,900Florida, USA352
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2005Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP" SaleFlorida, USA63
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2008Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP" US$ 225,000Florida, USA15
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 2012Cessna 172S "Skyhawk SP"
US$ 307,500Florida, USA352
Cessna 172S 2006Cessna 172S SaleFlorida, USA63
Cessna 172S 2010Cessna 172S SaleFlorida, USA42
Cessna 175B Skylark 1961Cessna 175B "Skylark" US$ 29,000Florida, USA182
Cessna 175B Skylark 1961Cessna 175B "Skylark" US$ 31,500Florida, USA182