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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Aerostar 600A 1980Aerostar 600A US$ 175,000Kentucky, USA3
Aerostar Int. Classic Basket 2008Aerostar Int. "Classic Basket" US$ 8,200Kentucky, USA131
Aerostar Int. Classic Limited Stretch Basket Aerostar Int. "Classic Limited Stretch Basket" US$ 8,999Kentucky, USA131
Aerostar Int. S-53H Aerostar Int. S-53H US$ 8,650Kentucky, USA85
American Champion 8GCBC Scout 2011American Champion 8GCBC "Scout" US$ 159,900Kentucky, USA20
Beech V35B Bonanza 1977Beech V35B "Bonanza" SaleKentucky, USA54
Beech A36 Bonanza 1990Beech A36 "Bonanza" US$ 249,900Kentucky, USA68
Beech A36 Bonanza 1990Beech A36 "Bonanza" US$ 249,900Kentucky, USA129
Beech A36 Bonanza 1990Beech A36 "Bonanza" US$ 249,900Kentucky, USA46
Beech A36 Bonanza 1990Beech A36 "Bonanza" US$ 249,900Kentucky, USA142
Beech B200 King Air 1981Beech B200 "King Air" US$ 825,000Kentucky, USA3
Beech B200 King Air 1981Beech B200 "King Air" US$ 825,000Kentucky, USA16
Beech B200 King Air 2011Beech B200 "King Air" SaleKentucky, USA16
Beech B200 King Air 2011Beech B200 "King Air"
SaleKentucky, USA3
Bellanca 17-30A Viking 1976Bellanca 17-30A "Viking"
US$ 54,900Kentucky, USA110
Cessna 172N 1978Cessna 172N US$ 45,000Kentucky, USA124
Cessna 172N 1979Cessna 172N US$ 59,900Kentucky, USA46
Cessna 172S 2000Cessna 172S US$ 159,900Kentucky, USA53
Cessna 172S 2006Cessna 172S US$ 209,900Kentucky, USA16
Cessna 172S 2006Cessna 172S US$ 209,900Kentucky, USA82
Cessna 182Q Skylane II 1978Cessna 182Q "Skylane II" US$ 62,000Kentucky, USA124
Cessna 182S Skylane 1998Cessna 182S "Skylane" US$ 184,900Kentucky, USA6
Cessna R182 Skylane RG 1980Cessna R182 "Skylane RG" US$ 89,900Kentucky, USA2
Cessna R182 Skylane RG 1981Cessna R182 "Skylane RG" US$ 83,500Kentucky, USA12
Cessna 337G Skymaster 1976Cessna 337G "Skymaster" US$ 89,500Kentucky, USA3
Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 1997Cessna 525 "Citation CJ1"
Price Reduced!
US$ 1,395,000Kentucky, USA53
Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 1997Cessna 525 "Citation CJ1" SaleKentucky, USA72
Cessna 550 Citation II 1997Cessna 550 "Citation II"
Price Reduced!
US$ 1,395,000Kentucky, USA346
Cirrus SR-20G2 2005Cirrus SR-20G2 US$ 155,900Kentucky, USA26
Cirrus SR-22G2 2004Cirrus SR-22G2 US$ 249,900Kentucky, USA24
Cirrus SR-22G2 GTS 2006Cirrus SR-22G2 GTS
US$ 259,000Kentucky, USA18
Cirrus SR-22GTS Turbo 2012Cirrus SR-22GTS Turbo
US$ 595,000Kentucky, USA67
Diamond Aircraft DA40 Star 2004Diamond Aircraft DA40 "Star" US$ 159,900Kentucky, USA16
Diamond Aircraft DA40-CS Star 2009Diamond Aircraft DA40-CS "Star" US$ 179,000Kentucky, USA52
Diamond Aircraft DA40XLS Star 2008Diamond Aircraft DA40XLS "Star" US$ 247,900Kentucky, USA17
Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil 1980Eurocopter AS 350B2 "Ecureuil" AuctionKentucky, USA20
Evektor SportStar 2006Evektor "SportStar" US$ 55,000Kentucky, USA17
Hawker Siddeley 125-400A 1970Hawker Siddeley 125-400A SaleKentucky, USA30
Hawker Siddeley 125-400A 1970Hawker Siddeley 125-400A US$ 79,900Kentucky, USA346
Lindstrand Balloons 77A Envelope Lindstrand Balloons 77A "Envelope" US$ 16,800Kentucky, USA37
Lindstrand Balloons 105 Basket 2008Lindstrand Balloons 105 "Basket" US$ 8,300Kentucky, USA58
Piper PA-28-181 Archer III 1999Piper PA-28-181 "Archer III" US$ 144,900Kentucky, USA3
Piper PA-28R-201T Arrow III 1978Piper PA-28R-201T "Arrow III" US$ 68,900Kentucky, USA20
Piper PA-28-236 Dakota 1993Piper PA-28-236 "Dakota" US$ 159,900Kentucky, USA17
Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C/R 1983Piper PA-31-325 "Navajo C/R" US$ 239,900Kentucky, USA3
Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne I 1979Piper PA-31T1 "Cheyenne I" SaleKentucky, USA3
Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 1979Piper PA-32-300 "Cherokee 6" US$ 128,500Kentucky, USA20
Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 1979Piper PA-32-300 "Cherokee 6" US$ 99,900Kentucky, USA20
Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 1979Piper PA-32-300 "Cherokee 6" US$ 147,900Kentucky, USA10
Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga II-HP 2006Piper PA-32R-301 "Saratoga II-HP"
US$ 359,900Kentucky, USA10