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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
McDonnell Douglas MD-80-83 1999McDonnell Douglas MD-80-83 SaleNew Mexico, USA46
McDonnell Douglas MD-80-82 1990McDonnell Douglas MD-80-82 SaleNew Mexico, USA46
Aero Commander 500U Shrike 1968Aero Commander 500U "Shrike" US$ 169,000New Mexico, USA136
Aerostar 601 1969Aerostar 601 US$ 72,500New Mexico, USA16
American Champion 8GCBC Scout 2011American Champion 8GCBC "Scout" SaleNew Mexico, USA43
Beech G17S Staggerwing 1944Beech G17S "Staggerwing" SaleNew Mexico, USA106
Beech F35 Bonanza 1955Beech F35 "Bonanza"
Price Reduced!
US$ 24,500New Mexico, USA8
Beech F35 Bonanza 1955Beech F35 "Bonanza" US$ 28,750New Mexico, USA97
Beech F35 Bonanza 1955Beech F35 "Bonanza" US$ 31,000New Mexico, USA106
Beech 45/T-34A Mentor 1957Beech 45/T-34A "Mentor" US$ 181,000New Mexico, USA8
Beech 56TC Turbo Baron 1967Beech 56TC "Turbo Baron" US$ 60,000New Mexico, USA106
Beech 56TC Turbo Baron 1967Beech 56TC "Turbo Baron" Sale or LeaseNew Mexico, USA52
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" Sale or LeaseNew Mexico, USA52
Beech B60 Duke 1977Beech B60 "Duke" SaleNew Mexico, USA106
Beech C90 King Air 1972Beech C90 "King Air" US$ 262,500New Mexico, USA51
Beech D95A Travel Air 1966Beech D95A "Travel Air" US$ 82,000New Mexico, USA86
Beech B200 King Air 1999Beech B200 "King Air" SaleNew Mexico, USA322
Beech B200 King Air 2006Beech B200 "King Air" SaleNew Mexico, USA184
Bell 407GX 2012Bell 407GX
SaleNew Mexico, USA1
Bellanca 17-31A Super Viking 1974Bellanca 17-31A "Super Viking" US$ 47,500New Mexico, USA16
Cameron Balloons 42 x 58 Aristocrat Basket 2012Cameron Balloons "42 x 58 Aristocrat Basket" US$ 32,000New Mexico, USA48
Cameron Balloons Concept 1996Cameron Balloons "Concept" US$ 5,300New Mexico, USA37
Cameron Balloons Envelope Cameron Balloons "Envelope" US$ 10,750New Mexico, USA13
Cameron Balloons Single T Basket Cameron Balloons "Single T Basket" US$ 7,000New Mexico, USA14
Cameron Balloons N-65 Envelope 1985Cameron Balloons N-65 "Envelope" US$ 4,500New Mexico, USA37
Cameron Balloons O-105 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons O-105 "Envelope" US$ 36,995New Mexico, USA48
Cameron Balloons A 120 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons A 120 "Envelope" US$ 31,300New Mexico, USA49
Cameron Balloons A 140 Complete System 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "Complete System" US$ 64,100New Mexico, USA13
Cameron Balloons A 140 Envelope 2013Cameron Balloons A 140 "Envelope"
Price Reduced!
US$ 36,275New Mexico, USA107
Cameron Balloons A 250 2010Cameron Balloons A 250 US$ 11,500New Mexico, USA14
Cessna 120 1947Cessna 120 SaleNew Mexico, USA70
Cessna 172 Cutlass RG 1980Cessna 172 "Cutlass RG" US$ 49,000New Mexico, USA106
Cessna 172P 1981Cessna 172P US$ 69,000New Mexico, USA155
Cessna 182H Skylane 1965Cessna 182H "Skylane" US$ 125,000New Mexico, USA44
Cessna 182P Skylane 1973Cessna 182P "Skylane" US$ 79,000New Mexico, USA23
Cessna T182 Turbo Skylane 1981Cessna T182 "Turbo Skylane" US$ 80,000New Mexico, USA36
Cessna T206 1966Cessna T206
Aerial Survey
US$ 77,500New Mexico, USA51
Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair 1999Cessna T206H "Turbo Stationair" US$ 239,500New Mexico, USA27
Cessna 208 Super Cargomaster 1999Cessna 208 "Super Cargomaster" US$ 1,095,000New Mexico, USA3
Cessna 208 Super Cargomaster 1999Cessna 208 "Super Cargomaster" US$ 1,175,000New Mexico, USA43
Cessna T210 Centurion 1973Cessna T210 "Centurion" US$ 90,000New Mexico, USA30
Cessna T337G Skymaster 1977Cessna T337G "Skymaster" US$ 81,500New Mexico, USA364
Cessna 402C 1980Cessna 402C SaleNew Mexico, USA43
Cessna 404 1978Cessna 404 US$ 255,000New Mexico, USA44
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1971Cessna 414 "Chancellor" US$ 189,500New Mexico, USA97
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1971Cessna 414 "Chancellor"
US$ 189,900New Mexico, USA106
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle 1976Cessna 421 "Golden Eagle" SaleNew Mexico, USA30
Cessna 421B Golden Eagle 1974Cessna 421B "Golden Eagle" SaleNew Mexico, USA91
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle 1976Cessna 421C "Golden Eagle" SaleNew Mexico, USA99
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle 1976Cessna 421C "Golden Eagle" SaleNew Mexico, USA106