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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
IBIS Aircraft Magic GS 700 2012IBIS Aircraft "Magic GS 700" SaleOntario, Canada4
Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 Kitfox Classic Skystar Aircraft Mk 4 "Kitfox Classic"
SaleUnited States4
Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat (Valor) 2008Aeroprakt A-22 "Foxbat (Valor)"
US$ 38,000Ohio, USA324
Aeroprakt A-22 2011Aeroprakt A-22 US$ 160,000Florida, USA46
Air Creation Clipper 2004Air Creation "Clipper" US$ 414,000Florida, USA18
Air Creation Clipper 2004Air Creation "Clipper" US$ 310,000Florida, USA74
Air Creation Clipper 2005Air Creation "Clipper" US$ 408,000Florida, USA72
Air Creation Clipper 2006Air Creation "Clipper" US$ 319,000Florida, USA37
Air Creation Clipper 2007Air Creation "Clipper" US$ 188,000Florida, USA22
Alpi Aviation 300 Pioneer 2004Alpi Aviation 300 "Pioneer" US$ 59,900Illinois, USA3
American Aircraft Corp. Falcon XP 1982American Aircraft Corp. "Falcon XP" US$ 13,500Utah, USA58
Arnet Pereyra Aventura II 2004Arnet Pereyra "Aventura II" US$ 48,900Iowa, USA59
Arnet Pereyra Aventura II 2004Arnet Pereyra "Aventura II"
SaleIowa, USA54
Arnet Pereyra Aventura II 2006Arnet Pereyra "Aventura II" US$ 54,000California, USA45
Arnet Pereyra Aventura II 2014Arnet Pereyra "Aventura II" US$ 64,500Florida, USA153
ASAP Chinook ASAP "Chinook" SaleQuébec, Canada26
ASAP RX-550 Beaver 1990ASAP RX-550 "Beaver"
CDN$ 15,995
US$ 14,700
British Columbia, Canada19
ASAP RX-550 Beaver ASAP RX-550 "Beaver" CDN$ 4,500
US$ 4,130
Nova Scotia, Canada15
Best Off 912S SkyRanger 1998Best Off 912S "SkyRanger" US$ 6,000Delaware, USA51
Carlson Aircraft Skycycle 2012Carlson Aircraft "Skycycle" SaleTennessee, USA45
Carlson Aircraft Skycycle 2014Carlson Aircraft "Skycycle" US$ 15,000Texas, USA82
CFM Aircraft 503 Shadow CD 1989CFM Aircraft 503 "Shadow CD" UK£ 5,500
US$ 9,130
Washington, USA3
Comco Ikarus C-42 Ikarus Comco Ikarus C-42 "Ikarus" SaleWashington, USA3
Comco Ikarus C-42B LSA Ikarus 2006Comco Ikarus C-42B LSA "Ikarus" US$ 65,000New Mexico, USA319
Diehl AeroNautical XTC Hydrolight 1984Diehl AeroNautical "XTC Hydrolight"
US$ 5,000Washington, USA153
Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark 2007Dova Aircraft DV-1 "Skylark" US$ 89,500Florida, USA153
Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark 2007Dova Aircraft DV-1 "Skylark" US$ 89,500Florida, USA6
Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark Dova Aircraft DV-1 "Skylark" US$ 89,500Florida, USA45
Earthstar Aircraft Odyssey Earthstar Aircraft "Odyssey"
US$ 25,000Wisconsin, USA95
Evektor Eurostar 2005Evektor "Eurostar" EU€ 39,900
US$ 52,300
South Carolina, USA33
Excalibur Aircraft Excalibur 2006Excalibur Aircraft "Excalibur" US$ 14,950California, USA45
Excalibur Aircraft Excalibur 2007Excalibur Aircraft "Excalibur" US$ 7,000Texas, USA8
Fisher Flying Products Super Koala 2004Fisher Flying Products "Super Koala"
CDN$ 15,000
US$ 13,700
Ontario, Canada15
Fisher Flying Products FP-101 Super Koala 2011Fisher Flying Products FP-101 "Super Koala"
US$ 16,000Oklahoma, USA94
Flight Design CTLS 2008Flight Design "CTLS" US$ 108,000Florida, USA45
Flight Design CTLS 2011Flight Design "CTLS"
US$ 129,000Florida, USA29
Flight Design CTsw 2006Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 75,000Florida, USA38
Flight Design CTsw 2006Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 74,500Florida, USA9
Flight Design CTsw 2006Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 74,500Florida, USA67
Flight Design CTsw 2006Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 90,000New York, USA64
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw"
US$ 79,000California, USA46
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw"
US$ 85,000Georgia, USA68
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 85,000Georgia, USA67
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw" SaleNevada, USA46
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 89,000New Jersey, USA16
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 94,900New Jersey, USA44
Flight Design CTsw 2007Flight Design "CTsw" US$ 77,000New York, USA67
Flightstar Sportplanes Flightstar II SC 1998Flightstar Sportplanes "Flightstar II SC" US$ 10,000California, USA153
Flying K Enterprises Sky Raider II 2007Flying K Enterprises "Sky Raider II" CDN$ 32,000
US$ 29,400
California, USA114
Flying K Enterprises Sky Raider II Flying K Enterprises "Sky Raider II" US$ 26,500United States47