Socata TBM-850 Business/VIP Airplanes for Sale

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Socata TBM-850 2000Socata TBM-850 Dry LeaseNevada, USA135
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleFlorida, USA92
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleFlorida, USA59
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,975,000Georgia, USA136
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,950,000Germany176
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleNorth Carolina, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850
SaleCalifornia, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850
SaleConnecticut, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleConnecticut, USA83
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleConnecticut, USA73
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleConnecticut, USA72
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleDelaware, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,095,000Florida, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleSwitzerland191
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,675,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,475,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?72
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?78
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleAlaska, USA92
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleArkansas, USA171
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Dry LeaseFlorida, USA83
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,650,000France136
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850
SaleNevada, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Dry LeaseNevada, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Dry LeaseNevada, USA190
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleTexas, USA105
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States38
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States90
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,250,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Sale?46
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Sale?135
Socata TBM-850 2009Socata TBM-850 Sale?48
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 3,200,000Germany176
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,795,000Texas, USA11
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,795,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,795,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2011Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,900,000Florida, USA60
Socata TBM-850 2011Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,900,000Florida, USA53
Socata TBM-850 2011Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,900,000?97
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850
US$ 2,995,000Illinois, USA1
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,995,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,990,000?4
Socata TBM-850 2013Socata TBM-850 SaleIowa, USA365
Socata TBM-850 2013Socata TBM-850
SaleUnited States92