Socata TBM-850 Business/VIP Airplanes for Sale

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA114
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleFlorida, USA172
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,950,000Germany47
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850
US$ 1,980,000Indiana, USA98
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleMississippi, USA11
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States101
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States163
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 US$ 1,975,000?240
Socata TBM-850 2006Socata TBM-850 Sale?246
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA114
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 SaleSwitzerland47
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?207
Socata TBM-850 2007Socata TBM-850 Sale?207
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA23
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleFlorida, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,245,000Illinois, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Dry LeaseNevada, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States187
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Sale?362
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Sale?246
Socata TBM-850 2008Socata TBM-850 Sale?275
Socata TBM-850 2009Socata TBM-850
SaleCalifornia, USA26
Socata TBM-850 2009Socata TBM-850
SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2009Socata TBM-850
Price Reduced!
SaleConnecticut, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2009Socata TBM-850 SaleMaryland, USA95
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 SaleConnecticut, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 SaleConnecticut, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 3,200,000Germany47
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 ShareUnited Kingdom80
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 ShareUnited Kingdom98
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 US$ 2,700,000?207
Socata TBM-850 2010Socata TBM-850 Sale?246
Socata TBM-850 2011Socata TBM-850 Sale?220
Socata TBM-850 2011Socata TBM-850 Sale?251
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 SaleBrazil111
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA23
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 SaleCalifornia, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850
US$ 2,695,000Illinois, USA2
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 SaleUnited States187
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 Sale?275
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 Sale?220
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 Sale?264
Socata TBM-850 2012Socata TBM-850 Sale?240
Socata TBM-850 2013Socata TBM-850 Sale?207
Socata TBM-850 2013Socata TBM-850 Sale?240