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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Dassault 900B Falcon 1989Dassault 900B "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 2000 Falcon 1996Dassault 2000 "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 200 Falcon 1985Dassault 200 "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 20F Falcon 1978Dassault 20F "Falcon" US$ 295,000United States21
Dassault 10 Falcon 1980Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 675,000United States21
Dassault 50EX 2003Dassault 50EX SaleTexas, USA21
Dassault 900B 1995Dassault 900B AuctionNew Jersey, USA21
Dassault 2000 Falcon 2013Dassault 2000 "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 900EX Falcon 2009Dassault 900EX "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 900DX Falcon 2014Dassault 900DX "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1979Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" US$ 1,349,000United States21
Dassault 900EX 2002Dassault 900EX SaleUnited States21
Dassault 50EX Falcon 1998Dassault 50EX "Falcon" SaleUnited States21
Dassault 900EX Falcon 1998Dassault 900EX "Falcon" SaleUnited States5
Dassault 900B Falcon 1998Dassault 900B "Falcon" SaleUnited States5
Dassault 20C-5 Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5 "Falcon" SaleGeorgia, USA19
Dassault Falcon 1984Dassault "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA2
Dassault Falcon 1986Dassault "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA2
Dassault Mirage 1973Dassault "Mirage" SaleFlorida, USA62
Dassault Mirage Dassault "Mirage" SaleOhio, USA170
Dassault 7X Falcon 2007Dassault 7X "Falcon" US$ 34,450,000New Jersey, USA2
Dassault 7X Falcon 2008Dassault 7X "Falcon" US$ 27,995,000Illinois, USA1
Dassault 7X Falcon 2009Dassault 7X "Falcon"
SaleMaryland, USA147
Dassault 7X Falcon 2009Dassault 7X "Falcon" SaleMaryland, USA148
Dassault 7X Falcon 2010Dassault 7X "Falcon" SaleIllinois, USA7
Dassault 7X Falcon 2012Dassault 7X "Falcon"
EASA, Flight Simulator
US$ 3,600,000
Sale - Position
New Jersey, USA208
Dassault 7X Falcon 2012Dassault 7X "Falcon" US$ 3,600,000
Sale - Position
New Jersey, USA13
Dassault 7X Falcon 2012Dassault 7X "Falcon" SaleNew Jersey, USA26
Dassault 7X Falcon 2014Dassault 7X "Falcon" SaleWashington, USA26
Dassault 10 Falcon 1974Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1975Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleArizona, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1975Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 450,000Arkansas, USA13
Dassault 10 Falcon 1975Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 995,000Arkansas, USA6
Dassault 10 Falcon 1975Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 425,000Texas, USA151
Dassault 10 Falcon 1975Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 399,000United States25
Dassault 10 Falcon 1976Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA144
Dassault 10 Falcon 1976Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleNew York, USA4
Dassault 10 Falcon 1976Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 750,000Wisconsin, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1977Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 489,000Maryland, USA54
Dassault 10 Falcon 1977Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 489,000Maryland, USA54
Dassault 10 Falcon 1977Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 489,000Texas, USA136
Dassault 10 Falcon 1977Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 395,000Texas, USA341
Dassault 10 Falcon 1977Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 489,000Texas, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1978Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 395,000Arkansas, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1978Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 595,000Ohio, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1978Dassault 10 "Falcon" US$ 795,000Texas, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1979Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleCalifornia, USA133
Dassault 10 Falcon 1979Dassault 10 "Falcon"
SaleCalifornia, USA7
Dassault 10 Falcon 1979Dassault 10 "Falcon"
SaleCalifornia, USA133
Dassault 10 Falcon 1979Dassault 10 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA23