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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG II 1980Cessna TR182 "Turbo Skylane RG II" US$ 118,000Arizona, USA18
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B 2001Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B SaleCalifornia, USA26
Piper PA-28-151 Warrior 1974Piper PA-28-151 "Warrior"
US$ 37,950Arizona, USA4
Piper PA-32R-300T Lance II 1978Piper PA-32R-300T "Lance II" US$ 101,900Arizona, USA27
Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG II 1980Cessna TR182 "Turbo Skylane RG II" US$ 119,000Oregon, USA37
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 1966Piper PA-28-140 "Cherokee" US$ 34,500California, USA30
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 1966Piper PA-28-140 "Cherokee" US$ 18,500California, USA30
Cessna 172B 1961Cessna 172B US$ 34,900Washington, USA37
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 1970Piper PA-28-180 "Cherokee" Dry LeaseFlorida, USA37
Piper PA-28-236 Dakota 1981Piper PA-28-236 "Dakota" US$ 90,000Arizona, USA37
Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 1967Piper PA-32-300 "Cherokee 6" US$ 79,600Florida, USA37
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B Husky 2006Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B "Husky" US$ 143,000Missouri, USA37
Cessna 182S Skylane 1998Cessna 182S "Skylane" US$ 174,900Missouri, USA37
Beech E35 Bonanza 1954Beech E35 "Bonanza" US$ 49,900Arizona, USA37
Stinson V-77 Gullwing Reliant 1944Stinson V-77 "Gullwing Reliant" SaleNebraska, USA6
Mooney M20J 201 1977Mooney M20J 201 US$ 74,000Oregon, USA6
Beech N35 Bonanza 1961Beech N35 "Bonanza" US$ 69,000Washington, USA37
Mooney M20J 1978Mooney M20J US$ 79,900Maryland, USA37
Cessna 172N 1975Cessna 172N US$ 58,000Maryland, USA37
Columbia 400 Columbia 2006Columbia 400 "Columbia" US$ 320,000California, USA37
Mooney M20K 252-TSE 1986Mooney M20K 252-TSE US$ 119,000California, USA37
Mooney M20M Bravo 2005Mooney M20M "Bravo" US$ 289,000California, USA37
Mooney M20F Executive 21 1967Mooney M20F "Executive 21" US$ 39,800California, USA37
Cessna 172/T-41 Mescalero 1956Cessna 172/T-41 "Mescalero"
US$ 7,500Arizona, USA19
Mooney M20J 1980Mooney M20J US$ 130,000Texas, USA37
Cessna 172A 1960Cessna 172A US$ 44,900Louisiana, USA37
Piper PA-24-180 Comanche 1959Piper PA-24-180 "Comanche" US$ 32,000California, USA37
Mooney M20K 252 Rocket 1986Mooney M20K 252 "Rocket" US$ 152,900Minnesota, USA37
Mooney M20J 1990Mooney M20J US$ 129,900Minnesota, USA37
Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II 1970Piper PA-28R-200 "Arrow II" Dry LeaseFlorida, USA37
Cessna 172S Skylane 2005Cessna 172S "Skylane" US$ 205,000Florida, USA37
Cessna 172S 2002Cessna 172S US$ 98,000Florida, USA37
Helio H-295 Courier 1961Helio H-295 "Courier"
US$ 160,000Alaska, USA37
Cessna 182C Skylane 1960Cessna 182C "Skylane" US$ 46,900Arizona, USA19
Mooney M20S Eagle 1999Mooney M20S "Eagle" SaleMinnesota, USA37
Aero Commander 100 Darter 1968Aero Commander 100 "Darter" US$ 9,800Alabama, USA176
Aero Commander 100 1968Aero Commander 100 US$ 14,500Louisiana, USA10
Aero Commander 100 1968Aero Commander 100 US$ 14,500United States33
Aero Commander 100 1968Aero Commander 100 US$ 22,000United States40
Aerocomp Comp Air 7 1998Aerocomp "Comp Air 7" US$ 140,000Texas, USA89
Aerocomp Comp Air 7 1998Aerocomp "Comp Air 7" US$ 140,000Texas, USA54
Aerocomp Comp Air 7 2004Aerocomp "Comp Air 7" US$ 199,000North Carolina, USA38
Aerocomp Comp Air 7 2008Aerocomp "Comp Air 7" US$ 129,500Alabama, USA32
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 Husky 1996Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 "Husky" US$ 89,900Minnesota, USA68
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 Husky 1997Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 "Husky" SaleMississippi, USA2
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 Husky 1997Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 "Husky" SaleUnited States39
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 Husky 2008Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 "Husky" US$ 186,500Wisconsin, USA2
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1A Husky 1996Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1A "Husky" SaleArkansas, USA16
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B Husky 1999Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B "Husky" US$ 75,000Alaska, USA272
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B Husky 1999Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1B "Husky" US$ 149,900Texas, USA2