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Regional Transport Twin Engine TurboProp Manufacturers

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia 1996Embraer EMB-120ER "Brasilia" US$ 1,575,000California, USA10
Beech 1900C Airliner 1989Beech 1900C "Airliner" Sale or Charter, LeaseUnited States26
Beech 1900C Airliner 1990Beech 1900C "Airliner"
US$ 1,195,000
Sale or ACMI Lease
United States26
BAe J-32 Jetstream 1989BAe J-32 "Jetstream" US$ 985,000United States26
Antonov An-30 Clank 1977Antonov An-30 "Clank" SaleTennessee, USA102
ATR 42-300 1988ATR 42-300 SaleIdaho, USA64
ATR 42-300 1988ATR 42-300 SaleIdaho, USA64
ATR 42-320 1995ATR 42-320 SaleVirginia, USA236
ATR 42-500 2000ATR 42-500 SaleIdaho, USA64
ATR 72-500 2000ATR 72-500 SaleFlorida, USA102
ATR 72-500 2000ATR 72-500 US$ 1,700
ACMI Lease
United States5
BAe J-31 Jetstream 1984BAe J-31 "Jetstream" SaleTennessee, USA208
BAe J-31 Jetstream 1986BAe J-31 "Jetstream" SaleFlorida, USA138
BAe J-31 Jetstream 1990BAe J-31 "Jetstream" LeaseVirginia, USA180
BAe J-31 Jetstream 1991BAe J-31 "Jetstream" LeaseVirginia, USA180
BAe J-32 Jetstream 1988BAe J-32 "Jetstream" US$ 750,000
Sale or Dry Lease
Florida, USA55
BAe J-32 Jetstream 1988BAe J-32 "Jetstream" US$ 150,000Maryland, USA46
BAe J-32 Jetstream 1988BAe J-32 "Jetstream" US$ 750,000Virginia, USA48
BAe J-32 Jetstream 1990BAe J-32 "Jetstream" SaleTennessee, USA208
BAe J-32EP Jetstream 1989BAe J-32EP "Jetstream" SaleTennessee, USA102
BAe J-32EP Jetstream 1990BAe J-32EP "Jetstream" US$ 625,000
Sale or Dry Lease
Florida, USA55
BAe J-32EP Jetstream 1990BAe J-32EP "Jetstream" US$ 625,000Florida, USA13
BAe J-41 Jetstream 1993BAe J-41 "Jetstream"
SaleTexas, USA3
BAe J-41-00 Jetstream 1994BAe J-41-00 "Jetstream" SaleVirginia, USA124
BAe J-41-01 Jetstream 1993BAe J-41-01 "Jetstream" SaleVirginia, USA4
Beech 1900 Airliner 1986Beech 1900 "Airliner" SaleSouth Carolina, USA3
Beech 1900 Airliner 1990Beech 1900 "Airliner" SaleFlorida, USA3
Beech 1900 Airliner 1992Beech 1900 "Airliner" SaleSouth Carolina, USA3
Beech 1900C Airliner 1975Beech 1900C "Airliner" SaleFlorida, USA138
Beech 1900C Airliner 1987Beech 1900C "Airliner" SaleNevada, USA138
Beech 1900C Airliner 1989Beech 1900C "Airliner"
Cargo/Freighter, Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV
SaleIllinois, USA3
Beech 1900C Airliner 1990Beech 1900C "Airliner" SaleFlorida, USA136
Beech 1900C Airliner 1990Beech 1900C "Airliner" SaleFlorida, USA136
Beech 1900D Airliner 1991Beech 1900D "Airliner" SaleNorth Carolina, USA13
Beech 1900D Airliner 1992Beech 1900D "Airliner"
US$ 1,995,000Georgia, USA13
Beech 1900D Airliner 1992Beech 1900D "Airliner"
US$ 1,945,000Georgia, USA13
Beech 1900D Airliner 1995Beech 1900D "Airliner" SaleIllinois, USA3
Beech 1900D Airliner 1998Beech 1900D "Airliner" SaleFlorida, USA138
Beech 1900D Airliner 2000Beech 1900D "Airliner"
1279hp VIP
SaleFlorida, USA3
Beech 1900D Airliner 2002Beech 1900D "Airliner"
Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV
SaleIllinois, USA3
Beech 1900D Airliner 2008Beech 1900D "Airliner" SaleNevada, USA138
de Havilland DHC-8-102 1989de Havilland DHC-8-102 Dry LeaseDistrict of Columbia, USA129
Dornier Do-228-202K 1989Dornier Do-228-202K SaleFlorida, USA3
Dornier Do-228-202K 1990Dornier Do-228-202K SaleFlorida, USA3
Dornier Do-228-212 1991Dornier Do-228-212 SaleCalifornia, USA13
Embraer EMB-110 1978Embraer EMB-110
SaleFlorida, USA138
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia 1991Embraer EMB-120 "Brasilia" SaleSouth Carolina, USA3
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia 1996Embraer EMB-120ER "Brasilia" SaleFlorida, USA118
Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia 1996Embraer EMB-120ER "Brasilia" US$ 1,575,000Florida, USA9
Fairchild Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II 1980Fairchild Swearingen SA226-TC "Metro II" SaleNorth Carolina, USA13