Learjet Business Jets for Sale

Learjet Business Jet Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D SaleParaguay14
Learjet 60-SE 2004Learjet 60-SE SaleUnited States14
Learjet 45-XR 2009Learjet 45-XR US$ 6,800,000Texas, USA14
Learjet 60 1994Learjet 60 US$ 1,795,000New Jersey, USA14
Learjet 55 1982Learjet 55 US$ 1,495,000United States14
Learjet 60 2000Learjet 60 SaleUnited States14
Learjet 24D 1980Learjet 24D US$ 375,000United States14
Learjet 35A 1976Learjet 35A SaleCalifornia, USA14
Learjet 60-XR 2008Learjet 60-XR US$ 4,395,000United States14
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D SaleUnited States14
Learjet 45-XR 2007Learjet 45-XR SaleUnited States14
Learjet 31A 1995Learjet 31A US$ 895,000United States2
Learjet 45 2003Learjet 45 SaleMexico14
Learjet 23 1967Learjet 23 US$ 40,000France12
Learjet 24B 1969Learjet 24B SalePhilippines103
Learjet 24D 1973Learjet 24D US$ 475,000Oregon, USA158
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D SaleMaryland, USA26
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D
Stage III
SaleMontana, USA159
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D
US$ 50,000Texas, USA27
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D Sale?182
Learjet 24D 1975Learjet 24D SaleArizona, USA103
Learjet 24D 1977Learjet 24D US$ 349,000?171
Learjet 24E 1976Learjet 24E US$ 250,000?151
Learjet 24E 1976Learjet 24E Sale?251
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E SaleGeorgia, USA62
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E US$ 349,000?171
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E US$ 200,000?166
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E Sale?295
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F US$ 335,000Florida, USA198
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F US$ 335,000?227
Learjet 25 1968Learjet 25 US$ 99,900California, USA88
Learjet 25 1969Learjet 25 Sale?324
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 SaleTexas, USA207
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 Sale?216
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 175,000Florida, USA103
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 295,000Georgia, USA158
Learjet 25B 1975Learjet 25B SaleVirginia, USA12
Learjet 25B 1975Learjet 25B Sale?182
Learjet 25C 1972Learjet 25C US$ 299,000United States158
Learjet 25C 1972Learjet 25C Sale?211
Learjet 25D 1977Learjet 25D US$ 395,000?251
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D US$ 179,900California, USA88
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D SaleOhio, USA4
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D
Stage III, Cargo/Freighter
ShareTexas, USA195
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D SaleTexas, USA11
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D US$ 325,000?138
Learjet 25D 1978Learjet 25D US$ 125,000?151
Learjet 25D 1979Learjet 25D SaleBrazil102
Learjet 25D 1979Learjet 25D US$ 990,000Brazil158
Learjet 25D 1980Learjet 25D SaleFlorida, USA152