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Learjet Business Jet Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Learjet 45-XR 2009Learjet 45-XR US$ 6,850,000Texas, USA11
Learjet 31A 2001Learjet 31A US$ 1,850,000Brazil11
Learjet 55 1983Learjet 55 SaleNew Jersey, USA11
Learjet 31A-ER 1997Learjet 31A-ER SaleGuatemala11
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D SaleUnited States11
Learjet 60-XR 2009Learjet 60-XR SaleCzech Republic11
Learjet 35A 1976Learjet 35A SaleCalifornia, USA11
Learjet 31A 1999Learjet 31A SaleUnited States11
Learjet 60 2000Learjet 60 SaleUnited States11
Learjet 55 1982Learjet 55 US$ 1,495,000United States11
Learjet 60 1994Learjet 60 US$ 1,695,000United States6
Learjet 60-XR 2010Learjet 60-XR US$ 7,000,000Georgia, USA11
Learjet 24D 1980Learjet 24D US$ 375,000United States11
Learjet 2014Learjet SaleUnited States11
Learjet 23 1967Learjet 23 US$ 40,000France160
Learjet 24 1966Learjet 24 US$ 199,000Mexico158
Learjet 24B 1969Learjet 24B SalePhilippines221
Learjet 24B 1969Learjet 24B SalePhilippines160
Learjet 24B 1970Learjet 24B SaleFlorida, USA46
Learjet 24B 1970Learjet 24B SaleSouth Africa160
Learjet 24B 1970Learjet 24B SaleSouth Africa193
Learjet 24B 1970Learjet 24B SaleSouth Africa158
Learjet 24D 1973Learjet 24D US$ 475,000Oregon, USA12
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D
Stage III
SaleMontana, USA13
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D
US$ 50,000Texas, USA291
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D US$ 50,000Texas, USA202
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D
US$ 295,000Texas, USA115
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D US$ 75,000?236
Learjet 24D 1974Learjet 24D Sale?36
Learjet 24D 1975Learjet 24D SaleArizona, USA160
Learjet 24D 1976Learjet 24D
US$ 75,000Texas, USA291
Learjet 24D 1976Learjet 24D
US$ 295,000Texas, USA115
Learjet 24D 1976Learjet 24D US$ 75,000Texas, USA202
Learjet 24D 1977Learjet 24D US$ 349,000?25
Learjet 24E 1976Learjet 24E Sale?105
Learjet 24E 1976Learjet 24E US$ 250,000?5
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E US$ 349,000?25
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E US$ 200,000?20
Learjet 24E 1977Learjet 24E Sale?149
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F US$ 335,000Florida, USA52
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F SaleNew York, USA158
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F SaleNew York, USA291
Learjet 24F 1976Learjet 24F US$ 335,000?81
Learjet 25 1969Learjet 25 Sale?178
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 SaleTexas, USA61
Learjet 25 1977Learjet 25 Sale?70
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 175,000Florida, USA160
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 100,000Florida, USA66
Learjet 25B 1971Learjet 25B US$ 295,000Georgia, USA12
Learjet 25B 1975Learjet 25B SaleVirginia, USA160