Dassault Falcon Medium Business Jets for Sale

Dassault Falcon Medium Business Jet Models

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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Dassault 200 Falcon 1985Dassault 200 "Falcon" SaleUnited States6
Dassault 50EX Falcon 1998Dassault 50EX "Falcon" SaleUnited States6
Dassault 20F Falcon 1978Dassault 20F "Falcon" US$ 295,000United States6
Dassault 50EX 2003Dassault 50EX SaleTexas, USA6
Dassault 20 Falcon 1969Dassault 20 "Falcon" SaleNetherlands15
Dassault 20 Falcon 1974Dassault 20 "Falcon" US$ 300,000Portugal125
Dassault 20 Falcon 1974Dassault 20 "Falcon" US$ 300,000Portugal29
Dassault 20 Falcon 1974Dassault 20 "Falcon" US$ 300,000Portugal125
Dassault 20 Falcon 1984Dassault 20 "Falcon" SaleMinnesota, USA153
Dassault 20-5 Falcon 1968Dassault 20-5 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA153
Dassault 20-5 Falcon 1986Dassault 20-5 "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20-5BR Falcon 1986Dassault 20-5BR "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20C Falcon 1967Dassault 20C "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA2
Dassault 20C Falcon 1967Dassault 20C "Falcon"
SaleFlorida, USA14
Dassault 20C Falcon 1967Dassault 20C "Falcon"
SaleTexas, USA15
Dassault 20C Falcon 1967Dassault 20C "Falcon" SaleTexas, USA15
Dassault 20C Falcon 1967Dassault 20C "Falcon" Sale?15
Dassault 20C-5 Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA29
Dassault 20C-5 Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA286
Dassault 20C-5 Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5 "Falcon" SaleUkraine190
Dassault 20C-5AR Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5AR "Falcon" SaleEurope307
Dassault 20C-5AR Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5AR "Falcon" SaleUkraine155
Dassault 20C-5BR Falcon 1968Dassault 20C-5BR "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20D-5BR Falcon 1969Dassault 20D-5BR "Falcon" US$ 1,250,000?76
Dassault 20E-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20E-5 "Falcon"
Dassault 20E-5BR 1981Dassault 20E-5BR SaleTexas, USA155
Dassault 20F Falcon 1970Dassault 20F "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20F Falcon 1975Dassault 20F "Falcon"
Stage III, VIP
US$ 250,000Michigan, USA218
Dassault 20F Falcon 1975Dassault 20F "Falcon"
Stage III, VIP
US$ 250,000Michigan, USA153
Dassault 20F Falcon 1977Dassault 20F "Falcon" US$ 495,000?55
Dassault 20F Falcon 1978Dassault 20F "Falcon" US$ 295,000Maryland, USA43
Dassault 20F Falcon 1978Dassault 20F "Falcon" US$ 295,000?41
Dassault 20F Falcon 1980Dassault 20F "Falcon" SaleMaryland, USA67
Dassault 20F Falcon 1980Dassault 20F "Falcon" SaleMaryland, USA112
Dassault 20F 1972Dassault 20F
SaleTexas, USA155
Dassault 20F 1976Dassault 20F SaleTexas, USA155
Dassault 20F 1976Dassault 20F SaleUkraine155
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" SaleFlorida, USA2
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" SaleMichigan, USA229
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" US$ 1,450,000Oklahoma, USA29
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" US$ 1,450,000
Texas, USA67
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1979Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" Sale?65
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1982Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" US$ 1,195,000?26
Dassault 20F-5 Falcon 1986Dassault 20F-5 "Falcon" Sale?231
Dassault 20F-5BR Falcon 1973Dassault 20F-5BR "Falcon"
SaleArkansas, USA2
Dassault 20F-5BR Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5BR "Falcon" SaleMichigan, USA190
Dassault 20F-5BR Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5BR "Falcon" SaleMichigan, USA147
Dassault 20F-5BR Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5BR "Falcon" SaleMichigan, USA103
Dassault 20F-5BR Falcon 1974Dassault 20F-5BR "Falcon" US$ 1,450,000Oklahoma, USA217