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YearMake/ModelPrice/OfferLocationDays Listed
Thunder & Colt 90 1993Thunder & Colt 90 US$ 6,500Wisconsin, USA2
Aero Commander 680E 1958Aero Commander 680E
Project, Aerial Survey
US$ 29,900Wisconsin, USA42
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA66
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA71
Aeronca Champion 1946Aeronca "Champion" US$ 26,500Wisconsin, USA9
Aerostar Int. Aurora 54k Aerostar Int. "Aurora 54k" US$ 5,900Wisconsin, USA57
Aerostar Int. Custom Nine 2006Aerostar Int. "Custom Nine" US$ 3,750Wisconsin, USA1
Aerostar Int. Custom Nine 2006Aerostar Int. "Custom Nine" US$ 3,750Wisconsin, USA1
Arion Aircraft Lightning 2010Arion Aircraft "Lightning"
US$ 82,900Wisconsin, USA189
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 Husky 2008Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1 "Husky" US$ 186,500Wisconsin, USA7
Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1C Husky 2008Aviat Aircraft Inc. A-1C "Husky" US$ 186,500Wisconsin, USA70
Beech F33A Bonanza 1975Beech F33A "Bonanza" US$ 94,900Wisconsin, USA41
Beech F33A Bonanza 1975Beech F33A "Bonanza" US$ 94,900Wisconsin, USA41
Beech V35B Bonanza 1973Beech V35B "Bonanza" US$ 84,500Wisconsin, USA108
Beech V35B Bonanza 1973Beech V35B "Bonanza" US$ 89,900Wisconsin, USA7
Beech 45/T-34A Mentor 1956Beech 45/T-34A "Mentor" US$ 325,000Wisconsin, USA48
Beech 45/T-34A Mentor 1956Beech 45/T-34A "Mentor" US$ 325,000Wisconsin, USA49
Beech 58P Baron 1980Beech 58P "Baron" SaleWisconsin, USA17
Beech 58P Baron 1980Beech 58P "Baron"
SaleWisconsin, USA63
Beech 58P Baron 1980Beech 58P "Baron" SaleWisconsin, USA62
Beech 58TC Baron 1983Beech 58TC "Baron" US$ 239,000Wisconsin, USA52
Beech 58TC Baron 1983Beech 58TC "Baron" US$ 239,000Wisconsin, USA24
Beech 58TC Baron 1983Beech 58TC "Baron"
US$ 239,000
Wisconsin, USA58
Beech 95-B55 Baron 1964Beech 95-B55 "Baron" US$ 119,900Wisconsin, USA91
Beech 95-B55 Baron 1964Beech 95-B55 "Baron" SaleWisconsin, USA357
Boeing 727-100 Boeing 727-100 US$ 350,000
Wisconsin, USA43
Cessna 152 Aerobat 1980Cessna 152 "Aerobat"
US$ 49,500Wisconsin, USA37
Cessna 152 Texas Taildragger 1978Cessna 152 "Texas Taildragger"
115hp Price Reduced!
US$ 25,900Wisconsin, USA66
Cessna 152 1979Cessna 152 US$ 32,500Wisconsin, USA48
Cessna 172E Skyhawk 1964Cessna 172E "Skyhawk"
US$ 32,900Wisconsin, USA37
Cessna 172G Skyhawk 1966Cessna 172G "Skyhawk" US$ 32,900Wisconsin, USA65
Cessna 172N 1977Cessna 172N US$ 43,210Wisconsin, USA191
Cessna 172N 1980Cessna 172N US$ 64,900Wisconsin, USA121
Cessna 182C Skylane 1960Cessna 182C "Skylane"
US$ 62,000Wisconsin, USA2
Cessna 182P Skylane 1974Cessna 182P "Skylane"
US$ 79,900Wisconsin, USA65
Cessna 182Q Skylane 1978Cessna 182Q "Skylane" US$ 116,000Wisconsin, USA43
Cessna 182Q Skylane 1979Cessna 182Q "Skylane" US$ 119,000Wisconsin, USA17
Cessna 185 Skywagon 1977Cessna 185 "Skywagon" US$ 159,500Wisconsin, USA43
Cessna 310R 1975Cessna 310R US$ 109,000Wisconsin, USA84
Cessna 310R 1975Cessna 310R US$ 99,000Wisconsin, USA52
Cessna 310R 1975Cessna 310R US$ 99,000Wisconsin, USA24
Cessna 310R 1975Cessna 310R US$ 99,000
Wisconsin, USA58
Cessna 310R 1979Cessna 310R US$ 104,500Wisconsin, USA91
Cessna 310R 1979Cessna 310R
285hp Price Reduced!
US$ 104,500Wisconsin, USA91
Cessna 401 1968Cessna 401 US$ 100,000Wisconsin, USA91
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1977Cessna 414 "Chancellor" US$ 139,900Wisconsin, USA91
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1977Cessna 414 "Chancellor" US$ 139,900Wisconsin, USA125
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1977Cessna 414 "Chancellor" US$ 139,900Wisconsin, USA167
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1977Cessna 414 "Chancellor" US$ 139,900Wisconsin, USA91
Cessna 414 Chancellor 1978Cessna 414 "Chancellor"
US$ 395,000Wisconsin, USA191