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Air Charter Definition:

Generally there are four types of Aircraft Charter... Air Taxi, Ad Hoc, Frequent Membership and Full (Public) Charter.

  1. Air Taxi, although not new, is now expanding with the advent of new generation Very Light Jets (VLJ's) coming to the market, such as the Eclipse 500, and new emerging start-up Air Taxi companies, offering "Per-Seat, On-Demand jet services", such as Florida based DayJet™. Air Taxi services are targeted more at the business road user rather than the established charter market, offering to get you between non-serviced airports, either by purchasing a single seat or charter the entire aircraft (typically 3-5 seats).
  2. Ad hoc Air Charter refers to the renting of an entire aircraft by an individual, group, corporation etc. on an ad hoc basis that have specialised itineraries (i.e. one return flight), rather than purchasing individual aircraft seats or a more long term option - aircraft leasing.
  3. Frequent Charter Membership is for those that have a higher occupancy demand and require aircraft on short notice. They also don't have the high outlay of a Fractional Ownership
  4. Full (Public) Charter is the long term renting of an entire aircraft, usually undertaken by Tour Operators, that require aircraft on a seasonal basis but don't have the required infrastructure to operate their own aircraft.
Lockheed L1011

Welcome to GPS's aircraft charter pages, containing the largest collection of aircraft for charter, freely available anywhere on the Internet. As part of our growing GPS Aviation Library, we try to provide you with in depth information and tools to enable you decide if air charter is your right option or to locate an aircraft that you require, whether you are looking for passenger or freighter aircraft configurations, you'll find them all here.

The articles presented in this section of the library are primarily targeted at chartering business and commercial aircraft but many of these principles can be applied to all types of aircraft acquisition. These pages are intended to guide the aviation newcomer through the decision process of aircraft acquisition, such as entrepreneurs looking to start an airline or just the curious! Therefore the aviation professional, well schooled in all aspects of aircraft procurement, may well find these articles of limited value.

Topics within this guide include charter options, Operator's requirements and comparisons with other acquisition types, such as aircraft leasing & purchase.

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