1986 MiG 29UB in Illinois

  • Price: $3,500,000

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2x MiG-29 UBs--Rare Two-Seat Version!

  • Make: MiG
  • Country: United States
  • Model: 29UB
  • State/Province: Illinois
  • Year: 1986
  • City/Airport: Quincy (UIN)
  • Serial No: 8000300312
  • Registration No: N129XX and N229XX
  • Flight Time: 818 hours
  • Engine Time: 350 hours


The Fulcrum is an advanced 4th generation Russian-built supersonic fighter aircraft with a two-man tandem cockpit, a mid-mounted cantilever wing and two afterburning turbofan engines. The Fulcrum has operated in over 7 international military organizations world-wide. The Fulcrum is noted for its agility, in particular its turn performance, and roll rate. The aircraft is capable of supersonic flight, and can carry a multitude of air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground bombs and munitions, and 3x external fuel tanks. The design of the fuselage includes a height differential between the two seats of the cockpit; this provides generous levels of visibility for an instructor in the rear seat for training applications. Each cockpit is fitted with a NPP Zvezda K-36 zero-zero rocket-assisted ejection seat. Air is fed to the aircraft's rear-mounted RD-33 afterburning turbo fan engine via ventral intakes mounted below shielding strakes, forward of the wing roots. The airframe is very durable, strong and stressed for +9 g. The Fulcrum is equipped with an internal GSh-30-1 30 mm cannon, and 6 hard-points, and can carry AA-10s, 11s, 8s, bombs, rockets, jammers, and drop tanks.


The engines were inspected and ran in Jan 2022


Original OEM, with western radios and transponder.


Seats: 2
Original OEM, great condition!

Exterior Description

Excellent! New paint in 2012, always hangared.

Additional Features

Ejection seats have expired pyro. We can overhaul and get them current for $100k per jet.

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