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1991 Schweizer 300C
1,484 TTSN, Engine:364 Hours SMOH, This Privately Canadian Helicopter is in Excellent Condition with Very Good Component Times Remaining. Airframe: 1,484 TTSN Engine: Lycoming HIO-360-DIA 364 SMOH 1,136 Hours Remaining 1,500 Hour TBO
2008 Airbus EC-120B
2,351 TTSN; Only 133 Hours on Engine - This Low Time EC-120 Features a Fresh 12 Year Inspection and a Fresh Engine Overhaul! Airframe: 2,351 TTSN Engine: Arrius 2F 133 SMOH 2,867 Hours Remaining
2000 Airbus EC-120B
4,673 TTSN, This Canadian Commercial EC-120 features recent paint and pop out floats. Extensive maintenance performed in the past several years. Ready to go to work! Make An Offer! Airframe: 4673 TTSN Engine: Arrius 2F 1,595 TTSN 1,405 Ho...
2000 Airbus AS350 B3
3,490 TTSN, 1,410 Hours Remaining on Engine Modules and Good Component Times. Will be delivered with all Maintenance up do date as either Canadian or US Registry. Motivated Seller - Make an Offer! Airframe: 3,490 TTSN Engine: Arriel 2B S/...
1983 Piper PA28R Turbo Arrow
Total Airframe Time: 2717 Hours SMOH 548 Hours Continental TS10-360-FB (2012 teardown inspection) SPOH: 23 Hours (2023) Hartzell HCA3VK-4
1980 Piper Chieftain Panther
Airframe Total Time: 7375 Hours Engine Time: Left 1715 SMOH Right 1898 SMOH Prop Time: Left 145 SPOH (Aug 2019) Right 145 SPOH (Aug 2019)
1974 Cessna 172M
Airframe Total Time: 2141 Hours Engine Time: 1524 SMOH (1977)
1966 Cessna 206A
Airframe Total Time: 10581 Hours Engine Time: 1293 SMOH Prop Total Time: 210 (Jan 28, 2022)
1965 Cessna 182H
Airframe Total Time: 5372 Hours Engine Time: 339 SMOH (270hp Pponk 0470-50) Prop Total Time: 34 (O/H Western Propeller Aug 2017)
1964 Cessna 172E
Airframe Total Time: 3018 Hours Engine Time: 60 SMOH (A.C.T. Engines, Quebec)