Aircraft Details

  • Year: 1992
  • Make/Model: BAe Hawk
  • Number of Seats: 2
  • Airport Code: HCR
  • Serial Number: 67-500
  • Registration Number: N500XX
  • Power: Turbo Fans
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Flight Time: 5700
  • Engine Time: 4462
  • Listing ID: 3065057
  • MK Investments and Holding Corp ID: 288396
  • Posted On: Jan 28, 2022
  • Updated On: Jun 29, 2023


Call Matt with questions: 801-643-5468. For sale is a fleet of well-maintained and well preserved BAE Mk-67 Hawk Jets. There are 10 currently flying, and 2 parts birds. There are also over 10,000 spare parts, ground support equipment, and test equipment, to include a flight simulator. The Mk-67 Hawk Jet is an advanced trainer with a two-man tandem cockpit, a low-mounted cantilever wing and is powered by a single turbofan engine (RR Mk-861A). The Hawk has operated in over 19 international military organizations with its reliability and low operating cost. The Hawk is noted for its agility, in particular its roll rate and turn rate. The aircraft is capable of supersonic flight. The design of the fuselage includes a height differential between the two seats of the cockpit; this provides generous visibility for an instructor in the aft seat for training applications. Each cockpit is fitted with a Martin-Baker Mk 10B zero-zero rocket-assisted ejection seat. Air is fed to the aircraft's rear-mounted Rolls-Royce Adour Mk 861A turbo fan engine via intakes on each of the forward wing roots. The airframe is very durable, strong and stressed for +9 g. A dual hydraulic system supplies power to operate systems such as the aircraft's flaps, airbrakes and landing gear, together with the flight controls. A ram air turbine is fitted in front of the single tail fin to provide backup hydraulic power for the flight controls in the event of an engine failure. Additionally, a gas turbine auxiliary power unit is housed directly above the engine. The Hawk can carry a centerline ADEN 30 mm gun pod and up to five hard points for armament including all standard Mk 80 series weapons, BDU- 33/Mk-76s, CATM-9 (AIM-9), various EW pods and drop tanks. One aircraft has been upgraded with an ELTA EL/M-2052 AESA RADAR. Three aircraft have been upgraded with ADS-B-out. The ejection seats and pyro are live and in good working order.


Standard Hawk cockpit, upgraded with VHF comm and nav radios, VOR/ILS, ADS-B-out. Equipped with gunsight and fire control system for weapon stations.


New paint. Always hangared. Canopy transparencies flawless!


Over 60% of airframe fatigue life remains. OEM airframe life is 10,500 hours. These aircraft have 5,400 to 6,100 hours on the airframe. The engines have been inspected by a RR QA inspector and were given 1,000 hours time remaining.