Aircraft Details

  • Year: 2024
  • Make/Model: Russell Aero LLC F-16
  • Number of Seats: 2
  • Airport Code: OGD
  • Serial Number: 24-001
  • Flight Time: 0
  • Engine Time: 0
  • Listing ID: 3295493
  • Posted On: Jul 3, 2023
  • Updated On: May 9, 2024


Russell Aero LLC is developing a supersonic 2/3rd scale F-16 experimental fighter jet. We are calling it the F-16E (Eff-Six-teeny). It will be powered by the GE F-404 (supersonic variant) full after-burning turbofan engine (18,000 lbf of thrust!). We are also working on an economy version (PT-6 ducted fan) if you prefer more range and better cruise performance. Both variants will be fitted with fly-by-wire flight controls and ESAs (Electro-Static Actuators--no hydraulic systems to worry about), a BRS (ballistic recovery system--no ejection seat to maintain or worry about), a state of the art Heads-Up-Display (HUD), and a large area display (LAD) for a full IFR avionics panel. The F-16E will have simulated Air-to-Air (A-A) combat training modes, as well as Air-to-Ground (A-G) combat training modes. RADAR functions will be simulated using ADS-B-in data, enabling full dog-fight and BVR (Beyond Visual Range) Air-to-Air combat training. If you've always wanted a supersonic fighter, this is the ticket! (U.S. State Department end-user agreement required for the supersonic variant due to after-burner USMIL classification)


HUD, Large Area Display, IFR





Additional Features

Afterburner, supersonic, BRS