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  • Price: Call for Price
  • Year: 2000
  • Make/Model: Eurocopter EC-225 Super Puma
  • Registration Number: LN-Reg
  • Engines: Unpowered
  • Listing ID: 3524538
  • Partner ID: 56995
  • Posted On: Aug 15, 2023
  • Updated On: Aug 18, 2023


Airbus / Eurocopter AS-332-L2 Super Puma Helicopter fuselage
For sale !!

Pricing and contact information below.
Turn it in to the coolest Adventure Air-BnB
Not many exists around the globe
Micro House - Holiday home

Airbus H225 - Eurocopter EC225 - Aerospatiale AS-332-L2,
Super Puma YOM/Year 2000, Static project.

We are proud to offer this Distinctive and Unique Existing
Super Puma Helicopter airframe/fuselage and it is the only
one like this for sale.

! This sale DO NOT include Powerplants, no engines, gearboxes
and no rotating parts.

! PLS NOTE, this is a large Helicopter. The AS-332-L2 Super Puma
is a heavy lifter and can seat up to 24 passenger and pilots

! Serious buyer can have access to the Helicopters full history from


This rare Static Project is Not Airworthy,
but Suitable and Appropriate for..

Good fit for many sort of job trainings in the Aviation Industry

Cabin training of HEMS and Medivac Crew
6 meters plus length cabin with flat floor, cabin arrangement that
can accommodate up to 24 comfort seats or 28 troop seats
6 stretchers, as well as mixed configurations to match any needs.
The two large sliding doors allows easy access and stretchers and
misc handling.

Ground Crew training, Static Maintenance Trainer

Offshore Passenger Emergency / Exit training

Worlds best attraction

Powerful property of attracting business

Commercial advertising billboard concept
It WILL attracts many Eyes

Trade shows, EventsEye Catcher, Event Magnet

Commercial landmark

Turn it in to the coolest Adventure Air-BnB
(Not many around the globe)

Micro House - Holiday home

Ultimate Caf display

Turn it in to Fast food restaurant location

Museum item, Civil or Military exhibit

Film productions

Music videos and film projects

reBuild this AS-332-L2 Project into the greatest Simulator

No loans and No leans No mortgage in connection
to this Super Puma

The use of this old heavy lifter can be endless..


Airplane time state:
! Static project Sold Where is and As is, Ex work, Available now.

! Please Note, Exclusion of any Guarantee

! Located in Scandinavia. Immediatly available.

Feel free to contact W&W for additional information
Getting many emails !
Serious buyer please make a call to Andy or crew:
+46-707-458 385

For a limited time currently asking only $19.990 (US Dollar)
Or trade for Hummer H1-M998 Chevrolet M1008/M1009

Price indication, in perfect used flying condition
midlife on components the price is from $ 10,0 Millions
and New with price tag of 27,7 million dollars [!]


If needed we have Interior items to sell as a side order,
1st class seats and trolleys etc. [ PLS see the last photograph -4 ]


Original from the last flight

Additional Features

-----> Make a quick call for update / status
If Serious please make a call to Andy or crew:
+46-707-458 385
or use the contact script below

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